Wine & Spirits: What’s Your Drink Sign?

by Editorial

The Jefferson Hotel puts a liquid face on the most famous pick-up line of all time– what’s your sign?
By Michael M. Clements

Quill Bar (photo cred: courtesy of The Jefferson)

Unimaginative guys rejoice, the most over-used pick-up line of all time is back in play– all thanks to the The Quill‘s inventive Zodiac Zingers. The cozy lounge is located inside the historic The Jefferson Hotel. Who’s sign is the best? Well, we’re certain that will be a hot topic of debate. But the only way to find out is to try them all– the drinks that is. The first featured Zodiac Zinger cocktail they claim “captures the character of Aries [March 21-April 20] with a mixture of Gin, Fresh Raspberries, Campari, Pomegranate Syrup, and Lemon topped with Prosecco.” This drink is described as “a drink of possibility and anticipation, with exactly the right amount of fizz to reflect the energy, and passion” characteristics that Quill believes, are true of an Aries.

Next on the menu, Taurus [April 21- May 21] is indicative of thist “sensual and stubborn” sign. Quill found the Taurine characteristics to be reflected in the Brazilian cachaza a drink made with the fermented juice of the sugarcane whose harvest requires “the most determined stubbornness” and hence the bull characteristic. This drink is made of Cachaza, Bison Grass Vodka, Stirrings Ginger, Benedictine, and Lime.

And then there is the ever changing Gemini [May 22- June 21] which was inspired by duality. We like to think of it as flaky, but, maybe that was just an isolated case. The drink is made with Gin, Lime, Mint, Simple Syrup, and Laphroaig. Is it a mojito? Or is it a Scotch-y cocktail? Well, just like the sign, it’s really up to how the Gemini feels at the moment.

As for the others, the recipes haven’t been released yet; but we can’t wait for the Leo, which we’re sure will be the best of the bunch.

Quill at The Jefferson is located at 1200 16th Street, NW  Washington, DC 20036.

The Aries features Gin, Fresh Raspberries, Campari, Pomegranate Syrup, and Lemon topped with Prosecco. (Photo Courtesy of The Jefferson)

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