Charity Spotlight: Usher’s Youthful New Look

by Editorial

Superstar entertainer’s nonprofit initiative seeks to empower under-served kids and teens.
By Anna Storm

"New Look" founder Usher with several of the organization's teens. (Photo by Getty Images, courtesy of Usher's New Look Foundation)

The man whose amorous Confessions made a Burn on the Billboard charts and prompted fans to find Love in The Club is equally as passionate about encouraging teens to use their talents for greater good. Usher Raymond IV,  the triple-threat singer /dancer / actor,  is founder of the New Look Foundation –  a non-profit that seeks to empower youths to enact change in their communities using talent and creativity as vehicles of progress. Lucky for us, he’s bringing his good looks and deeds to town. On Thursday, March 29th, from 9am to 1pm, six New Look youth leaders will be in Georgetown to host a peer-to-peer “Powered by Service” training session that will certify 75 D.C. eighth-graders as leaders. Usher is also scheduled to appear on a panel Friday, March 30th, along with former President Bill Clinton, at CGI-U (Clinton Global Initiative University, to be held this year at George Washington University) to discuss the direction of the youth-led movement.

Usher established Powered By Service in 2009 as a learning and curriculum-focused venture that works with teens to identify their unique talents. By narrowing in on personal abilities, the initiative seeks to guide members toward formulating solutions to pressing, everyday problems – including bullying, peer pressure, and drug abuse. Usher once very publicly declared: “Here I Stand.” Now, the entertainment impresario is standing up for the “new look” of a triple-threat – youth with talent, creativity and social drive.

For more information on Usher’s New Look Foundation, please click HERE.

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