Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

The lottery draws record numbers, Obamacare goes to court and the Final Four shoot for an NCAA title.
By Lesley Siu

AP photo by Amy Sancetta

The Mega Millions lottery reached a record high, spurring hopefuls across the country to press their luck. Critics discuss taxes, and cynics mourn odds. Money does talk — especially when it’s over half a billion dollars. When it comes to trending topics, the lottery hit the jackpot.

@DMVFollowers The Mega Millions Lottery is $540 Million. Go play the lottery today, won’t hurt.

@EWErickson Excited to join the 1% tonight after I win the lottery.

@kstreetkate Mega Millions highest global jackpot in history ($500 million) — and DC has its own commemorative ticket.

@clarkekant The odds of wining the lottery? 1 in 176 million. The odds of being murdered? 1 in 18,000. Good luck.

@BronxZoosCobra Can someone pick me up a Mega Millions ticket? With $640 million I can just buy the zoo and let myself go. #640million

@beingtheo If I win the Lottery, I’m still going to Tweet. And be really obnoxious about it.

@SteelFontana Remember: you have a better chance of dying in the next 30 seconds than you do of winning the lottery.

@THERealLyndaDC Do they have personal shopper for lotto tickets? Don’t want to stand in line but could sure use 400 million! #justsayin

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) begins voting on The Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare.” Will the health reform law pass? The suspense is killing us.

@ezraklein #IlikeObamacare because “The Affordable Care Act” takes up too many characters to use regularly on Twitter

@LOLGOP BREAKING: ObamaCare roughed up, rushed to emergency room where we all have to pay for it anyway.

@StephenAtHome Free question for Justice Scalia to use against Obamacare: Why doesn’t everyone just get a lifetime appointment with free healthcare?

@DCdebbie Supreme Court is hearing the case between Obamacare vs RepublicansDontCare.

@pourmecoffee Good idea to keep yelling your opinion to SCOTUS about Obamacare. Justices comb through Twitter and blog comments at night for ideas.

The March Madness buzzer hasn’t gone off yet. The Final Four in New Orleans (“NOLA” in the Twitter world) has everyone talking about the NCAA championship. Behold, the end of bracket season is in sight.

@SInow Then there were 4! Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State have a date in New Orleans! #FinalFour

@Bachscore Proof that the Final Four is in New Orleans: Our flight from New York ran out of vodka. Our 7:30 am flight.

@ErinAndrews On my way to Nola..looking forward to some hoops, fattening food, & warm weather..

@stringsn88keys You know you’re in Kentucky if you delay your wedding for five hours because UofL and UK are playing in the #finalfour that day.

@NotBillWalton Who needs Jersey Shore to see controversial Italians with excess hair gel that pander for the camera. Just tune into Louisville vs Kentucky.

@SportsCenter Highlight of the Night: The #Buckeyes, who were written off a month ago, are headed to the Final Four after all.

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