Paint the Town: Collector’s View

by Editorial

Transformer presents annual look into the homes of top collectors.
By Anna Storm

Transformer's "Collector's View" series takes you inside the homes of D.C. art lovers. (Photo by Tony Powell)

What lies behind the doors of Washington’s most dedicated art aficionados? It won’t stay a secret for long.On April 26th,  Transformer art gallery’s annual “Collector’s View” series will offer a rare glimpse inside the homes of the District’s leading art lovers. The series will provide four different “views,” or receptions inside individual houses, that will be spread throughout the spring season and run until early June.

The first aficionado to display her home will be  Cheryl Numark of Forest Hills, whose early ‘70s modernist home is host to a collection of contemporary artists, many of whose work has been exhibited in Numark Gallery. The “eclectic” collection of Adams-Morgan dwellers Thom Haller and Bill Wallace will be showcased on Sunday, May 6, and the view will encompass all four floors of the pair’s home (even the eclectically titled “children’s smoking room” on the top floor). The former main house of the Willard Family summer estate – now home to Robert Shapiro of Cleveland Park – will be on display Sunday, May 20th, two weeks before the series draws to a close with the grand finale of  Elizabeth Miller and Dan Sallick‘s hoome, a Georgetown abode with an inclusive range of works that together form a “traditional-modern mix.”

Loyal enthusiasts who follow the series from its first to its final view, will be treated to a bonus exhibition at the home of artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer, a renowned painter of the female form. Guests of the artist will be among the first to see new works from her forthcoming residency in Ferdinand, Indiana.

Hopefully peeking inside some of Washington’s most artistic homes will be a source of inspiration. But whether or not Thalhammer and the other collectors’ pieces run to your taste, there’s no doubt the Collector’s View series is making art a little more personal.

Tickets are $50 per person for each view. For more information on Transformer, located at 1404 P St., NW, please click here.

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