Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Editorial

Prom don’ts, lawsuits over a letter, edible couture and other things that will make you hungry.
By Nichole Devolites

It’s almost prom season, which means high schoolers everywhere are trying to get away with everything from alcohol consumption to more “daring” activities – including attire.  Gone are the days of taffeta and puffy sleeves.

Hang onto your Lanvin and Versace pieces, as H&M have announced that they are, indeed, opening a chain of luxury retail stores.  With all of the high-end collaborations in the last year, it makes sense.   What won’t – the prices, as I suspect future collaborations will include a higher price tag.  I wonder if Target will follow suit…

… and while some luxury brands play nice with lower prices points, others do not.  Gucci and Guess are wrapping up a three-year lawsuit over copyright infringement.  Gucci claims Guess is creating knock-offs of their “G” patterned designs.  While they’re at it they might as well go after the Green Bay Packers logo and all those tacky faux “G” necklaces I see.

Still, while some may see this as frivolous, try reading Dolce & Gabbana’s latest lawsuit – it will make you go bananas.

In beauty news, Prabal Gurung teamed up with Sally Hansen to create nail wraps.

More interested in polish?  Chanel has launched three new colors – April, May and June.

Now for some shoe therapy.  If only this were set to soothing music…

Need a cigarette after that? Prada will give you one. They will also give you uniforms if you are on the Italian National Sailing Team.

Some people eat at Burger King and other people choose to wear it.  This amazing eye artwork is Burger King Netherland’s newest ad.

Hungry for more?  Try Vivienne Westwood’s Easter Eggs… or a whole fashion show of chocolate couture.

In Karl Lagerfeld’s news of the week – he’s now a gardener. Oh, and he just gave Adele free Chanel handbags. Karl, feel free to call me fat too.

Too skinny to even be called “average”?  Then Tom Ford’s soon-to-be outlet store is for you!

Are you “Pinning”?  If so, Gilt will reward you.

In random news…  Iris Apfel let us know what she thinks about when she gets up in the morning.  Also random, Daphne Guinness only tweets in book quotes.

What wasn’t random – the mass amount of tweets a British writer got after her article in Daily Mail.  I believe, Ms. Brick, it wasn’t your beauty that didn’t get you that bridesmaid spot.

Speaking of Twitter, I’d like to close with some of the best news I’ve heard all week – Tim Gunn has a handle name.

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