Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

Facebook buys Instagram, Santorum suspends campaign and Zimmerman faces murder charge in Trayvon Martin case.
By Lesley Siu

Photo by Gregous On Air

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but filtered photos are worth thousands of dollars. Facebook purchased popular photo-sharing app Instagram for a whopping $1 billion, causing a social media frenzy. Naturally, the public discussed — on Twitter.

@thecourtneykerr Facebook bought Instagram?! #Instabook #Facegram #Instaface What’s next…#PinTwit? This makes me tired. I need a social media nap.

@glamourkills So Facebook paid a billion for instagram but I just downloaded it for free…take that Zuckerberg! #ZING

@davepell Every tweet on the topic of Facebook and Instagram can be summarized into this: “But I want a billion dollars too. Not fair!”

@pdallimore A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Filters. On. Everything. #facegram

@currybet I think I may have hit blogpost title gold today – “Five things the sinking of the Titanic can teach us about Facebook buying Instagram”

The presidential race is over — for Rick Santorum, that is. News of Santorum’s campaign suspension rose to the forefront of Twitter’s trending topics this week.

@normative BREAKING: Rick Santorum announces end of the most elaborate SEO effort ever.

@GeorgeTakei Santorum’s preferred method for contraception is to pull out early it seems.

@pourmecoffee Rick Santorum suspending his campaign to be President of the 1950’s.

@PhillyD I can just imagine the NY POST tomorrow. Santorum Aborts Campaign.

@SavannahGuthrie Santorum gets out before awkward summer vest season begins.

@AbiePB Rick #Santorum is suspending his campaign. As a human, I’m delighted. As a satirist & commentator, I’m heartbroken

George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the Trayvon Martin case. The fatal shooting sparked protests and “hoodie marches” across the country. As the trial progresses, the Twitter buzz continues.

@scullymike Until proven guilty, Zimmerman is just a gun-toting, failed, wannabe cop with a desperate need to feel like a hero. So let’s not judge.

@TeaPartyCat NRA spokesman: “We feel for George Zimmerman. But at least Trayvon didn’t have a gun to defend himself or it might’ve been a real tragedy.”

@MeekMill I seen people kill people in self defense and get charged in da same night! But It took this long 4 Zimmerman #thesystem

@FrankConniff Now that George Zimmerman is in jail, he’s vulnerable to attack from other prisoners brandishing skittles and iced tea.

@CharlesMBlow I really don’t want to hear abt George Zimmerman being under stress. #Trayvon is under 6 ft of dirt. #nocomparison

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