Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

Mother’s Day starts the week, Donna Summer dies at 63 and Facebook goes public.
By Lesley Siu

Photo by Andrew Feinberg

The top story on the news feed: Facebook began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market today. Valued at $104 billion, the social network is the most valuable U.S. company to go public. Naturally, social media gurus turned to Twitter to chat about Facebook.

@zortrades $FB delayed because the nasdaq is yet to confirm their friendship

@ConanOBrien Today, Facebook went public, just as MySpace’s last user went private.

@edrabbit Why is Facebook going public? They couldn’t figure out the privacy settings either.

@Scott_Krinsky Today Facebook adds $$ value to our friendships

@ysekand What will Mark Zuckerberg do with his $18 billion. Well, he is considering buying Greece, but that would still leave him with $18 billion.

@robdelaney Sit down before you read this. OK, ready? Mark Zuckerberg has made over *SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS* today.

Donna Summer died on May 17 at age 63. The “Queen of Disco” is known for 1970s hits such as “Hot Stuff” and “Bad Girls.” The Twittersphere mourns the music industry’s loss.

@MsLeaSalonga Rest in peace, Donna Summer. You worked hard for the money, hot stuff. Now go to MacArthur’s Park and get that cake out of the rain.

@MrChuckMartin Whitney, Donna Summer…if I were Patti Labelle, I’d be getting a check up.

@billyeichner RIP Donna Summer. You were trending 4 abt an hour but now you’ve been replaced by “Beliebers & Directioners Are Flawless”. Life is hideous.

@JanetJackson We will miss Donna Summer! She changed the world of music with her beautiful voice and incredible talent.

@TheFakeCNN Breaking: Donna won’t see the summer.

Mother’s Day on May 13 called for cards, flowers and tokens of affection. The best way to tell mom how much you appreciate her? By telling the whole (Twitter) world, of course.

@JessicaNorthey The only time your mom has ever smiled when you were crying, is the day you were born. #HappyMothersDay

@DJPaulyD #iLoveMyMomBecause She Does The L In My GTL !!!!! #happymothersday

@macpowell I officially declare a moratorium on “your mama” jokes today. #happymothersday

@WendyLiebman I got my sense of humor from my mother, and that’s why she doesn’t have one anymore…. #thatsmymom #happymothersday

@prodigalsam Because you can’t spell “mimosa” without “mom.” #HappyMothersDay

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