Society 2.0: Animal Instincts

by Editorial

This week in social media — live birds at the Corcoran, Olympian wildlife doppelgangers and Snoop Lion.

By Stephie Hass

African Lion at the National Zoo (Photo by Meghan Murphy for Smithsonian National Zoo)

This week on the Internet, the National Zoo takes a unique angle on the Olympics by comparing world-class athletes to its animal inhabitants.  At Redskins training camp, fans are advised to look out for “zebras,” or a pack of black-and-white-striped refs who will be advising players. In other news, the Corcoran is featuring a new exhibit containing live canaries, the Romneys’ horse gets a shot at gold, Michael Phelps’ famous headphones get redesigned for cats, and of course, Snoop Lion.

“We’re both blond, toned and powerhouses in H20, but does @WaterPoloTony sport claws and teeth like me? #ZooGames” via National Zoo @NationalZoo

“Why you should be on the lookout for zebras the next few days at #skinscamp” via Redskins @Redskins.

Huff Post, Jennifer Coster and ‘Canaries in McMansionland.’ Part of @WPAdc & Corcoran’s #takeittothebridge” via Corcoran @CorcoranDC

“Olympic Dressage gets under way. How did Ann Romney’s horse do?” via @csmonitor

“Headphones For Cats: Just One Idea From Spur, A New One-Stop Viral Video Shop by @nealunger” via Fast Company @FastCompany

“Wats the word on the street about #snooplion?? @cnn …” via snoop lion @snoop_lion (Retweeted by Snoop Dogg)

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