Society 2.0: Brave New Worlds

by Editorial

This week in social media — oceans and beyond in pictures.

By Stephie Hass

The Martian surface as seen from the navigation cameras on NASA's Curiosity rover (Photo courtesy of NASA)

This week, in honor of Washington Life’s new Instagram account, we are devoting Society 2.0 to images, graphics and video around Washington and the Web.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover was the big story this week, offering (mostly black-and-white) photos of the red planet from @MarsCuriosity, a personal Twitter account.

“Me & My Shadow… & Mount Sharp. My view of the 3-mile-high mountain in the middle of Mars’ Gale crater #MSL ” via Curiosity Rover @MarsCuriosity

“A clear look @MarsCuriosity rover deck taken from an onboard navigation camera” via NASA Kennedy / KSC @NASAKennedy

“Take a look around Mars with this 360-degree panorama from NASA’s Curiosity rover:” via Wall Street Journal @WSJ

“Here is @MarsCuriosity‘s First Color Image of the Martian Landscape looking north” via NASA @NASA

@NASA‘s #Curiosity is about to land on Mars. Here are pictures from the control room: ” via Instagram @instagram

"Chompie" takes over the Discovery Building in Silver Spring. (Photo courtesy of Discovery Communications)

YouTube and Georgetown Cupcakes are gearing up for Discovery Channel‘s “Shark Week” (which launches Sunday, August 12) with “Animals Acting Like Sharks Week” videos and cupcakes with fins (respectively). In honor of the popular shows, Washington residents can request a shark attack at work — more details on the Discovery Shark Week website.

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … #SHARKWEEK” via YouTube @YouTube

“I’m sorry Fashion Week, Imma let you fin-ish. #SharkWeek is one of the best weeks of all time” via Shark Week @SharkWeek

“You DON’T want to mess with these cupcakes! @sharkweek @DiscoveryComm” via Georgetown Cupcake @GTownCupcake

Finally, the New York Times and Google are offering fans some pretty cool ways to mark the closing of the 2012 Olympic Games this weekend with interactive graphics and “doodles.”

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