Society 2.0: Trumps and Bums

by Editorial

Social media is abuzz over Donald Trump’s political meddling and Pippa Middleton’s bum.

By Mary Eileen Barber

Donald Trump makes his "major announcement." (Photo courtesy of Trump YouTube channel)

Donald Trump made yet another “major announcement” this week, requesting that President Barack Obama hand over his college and passport records and applications in exchange for a $5 million check to a charity of Obama’s choice. He says his deal for the president is one that “I don’t believe he can refuse.” President Obama may think otherwise. Trump added that the president “will become transparent” if the records are released – transparent as his comb-over. Ok, so he didn’t quite say that last part.

“Here’s my GAME CHANGING STATEMENT TO DONALD TRUMP: Dear Mr. Trump, Please get off Twitter and/or stop talking politics. Sincerely, Brian” via Brian Buchanan @BrianDBuchanan

“Personally I can’t even find my last bank statement, so if Donald Trump made an offer like that to me, the orphans would go hungry.” via Sam Sharps @Shaaaarps

“The biggest let-down of the Trump video about Obama is he didn’t title it ‘Playing the Trump Card.’” via Indecision @indecision

“Will someone tell Donald Trump that we don’t live in Gotham City?” via Adam Levine @adamlevine

“Whether you support Romney or Obama one thing is for sure.. Donald Trump is an idiot” via Armand Robinson @ArmandRobinson

Pippa Middleton has a book coming out entitled “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.” While it is primarily a party-planning book with hosting tips and recipes, Middleton acknowledges the fame her bum has brought her since its global premiere at her sister’s royal wedding. She writes in the introduction of the book, an excerpt from which was published in Daily Mail’s supplement, You, “It’s a bit startling to achieve global recognition (if that’s the right word) before the age of thirty, on account of your sister, your brother-in-law and your bottom.”

“The hype around Pippa Middleton’s ‘bum’ is one of life’s greatest mysteries” via JB @Dr_Jabz27

“how to get an arse like pippa middleton: hang doughnuts off tree branches so you can’t reach them. (via @jessbrammar)” via Sathnam Sanghera @sathnam

“Don’t understand this obsession with Pippa Middleton, Kate is prettier and can’t see this bum they all talk about??? #flatasapancake lol” via Laura Duncan @lauralush87

“Pilates won’t give you the famous bottom of Pippa Middleton but it will improve your bottom and your posture.” equilibriummi @equilibriumMI

“Pippa Middleton’s party book has tips on egg decoration – surely that would be getting them fertilised by a royal?” via Kathy Lette @kathylette

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