WL Favorites: From the Boards

by Laura

The pins we can’t stop talking about on WL’s Pinterest page.

By Mary Eileen Barber

Favorite pins this week

Dishes and food are still on our minds following our Thanksgiving feasting. Naturally, cute gifts, entertaining decor and scrumptious chocolate desserts caught our eyes on our Pinterest boards this week:

Source: opensky.com via Washington Life on Pinterest

Board: “Gift Ideas”
: Hidden Animal Teacup
Why we love i
t: Well, “whoooo” wouldn’t want to wake up to a cute little [porcelain] owl staring at you from the bottom of your coffee? Little woodland creatures make the best beverage mates. And if you hadn’t noticed, owls are quite a hoot this season.

Source: westelm.com via Washington Life on Pinterest

Board: “Home Life”
: Honeycomb Glassware
Why we love it
: Be the bee’s knees of the party-hosting scene with this cool glassware collection from West Elm. The texture of the “honeycombs” at the base of every piece is a stand-out detail, and the gold is quite festive. It would be perfect glassware for holiday entertaining.

Source: vps3.washingtonlife.com via Washington Life on Pinterest

Board: “Food Life”
: Tom Wellings’ Chocolate Budino at Fiola
Why we love it
: Just look at the picture. This Budino Piedmontese is made with chocolate hazelnut cream, Alba hazelnut oil gelato and caramel sauce. Head to Fiola and get your chocolate hazelnut fix; it’ll be a little upgrade from your jar of Nutella.

See more of our favorite pins and post your own at WashingtonLife!

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