Fashionable Life: NomNomBlingBling

by Laura

The sweet face of NomNomBlingBling is dressed to kill in leather and military-inspired gear.

By Laura Wainman

The foodie fashionista looks utilitarian chic in leather pants, ankle booties and a military jacket. (Photo courtesy of Linda Park)

In our November issue, we featured a hand-picked guide to the runway’s top 10 trends (p. 54-57), including black and white, studs, peplum, metallic brocade, capes, leather accents, herringbone, ankle boots, motorcycle jackets and military-inspired ware. Now, we have sought out the area’s top fashion bloggers to showcase their takes on the trends. Tune in each Tuesday for the next several weeks to see trendy outfits created by Washington’s finest-dressed and exclusive interviews with the women behind the blogs.

Like many of the best bloggers, Linda Park was a fan before she was a participant. After following her favorite fashion blogs for nearly a year, Park was inspired to start her own creative outlet to document the things she loves: food and fashion. And what better title for a foodiefashionista than NomNomBlingBling?Just a short year later and Park has been seen in national magazines, such as Elle, and is a frequent feature on Washington’s Refinery 29 for her savvy ability to put together simple outfits that really stand out from the crowd.

Her best fashion advice? “Be yourself, have fun with it, and don’t be a victim to trends,” says Park.

We have to admit, we look forward to her Monday Weekend Snapshots way more than we probably should, if only to drool over the latest chic accessory she picked up or the fantastic food she chowed on in the District. Oh, and did we mention we die for her collection of Chanel items, including wedge boots, classic pearl necklaces and sweet ballet flats? We’d take her up on a shopping date any day. We recently caught up with the busy blogger to discuss her take on the Washington style scene, how she creates her daily looks and the shoe every Washingtonian needs in their closet.

“Since leather can look edgy and tough, wearing it with cozy sweaters will soften the look.” (Photo courtesy of Linda Park)

Washington Life: Describe your style in five words or less?
Linda Park: Simple and chic with prep.

WL: How do you think fashion blogs are changing the face of fashion?
LP: Bloggers have become a very influential voice for the public and somewhat of a liason for the designers.

WL: How has blogging changed how you personally view fashion?
LP: It has pushed me to think outside my comfort zone and try different styles and color schemes [that] I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

WL: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
LP: Personal style blogs, Olivia Palermo and Joanna Hillman.

WL: If you could have been born in another fashion era, which one would you pick?
LP: I’d pick the 70’s where wide legs and platform shoes were a thing.

WL: Favorite neighborhood for shopping:
LP: Georgetown and Friendship Heights.

WL: Who are your favorite designers?
LP: Proenza Schouler, DVF, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent (formerly known as YSL).

WL: Most practical Washington shoe:
Ferragamo shoes. They’re comfortable to walk in, very appropriate and lady like, yet stylish for the working Washingtonian.

WL: Do you have a favorite shoe in your closet?
: Chanel wedge sandals.

WL: Favorite colors:
LP: Red, mustard, and Kelly green.

WL: Most versatile item in your wardrobe:
LP: Theory black blazer.

Park says the belt is essential to cinch the waist and give shape to the outfit. (Photo courtesy of Linda Park)

WL: What is your favorite accessories of the moment?
LP: My new Chanel pearl necklace.

WL: Biggest fashion pet peeve:
: People who wear sunglasses indoors. Seriously?

WL: Favorite current trend:
LP: Leather everything.

WL: Trend you’d like to banish forever:
LP: Printed pants.

WL:What do you think are the Washington Winter must haves?
LP:Leather gloves, a fabulous but warm coat, and knee high boots.

WL: Top item you are coveting:
LP: Moncler coat.

WL: You’ve overslept, but still need to look fresh and fabulous. What are you throwing on?
LP: J.Brand skinnies, button down shirt, blazer with a fur vest layered on top. Oh, and don’t forget a fantastic piece of jewelry.

WL: Who are your Washington style icons?
LP: My mom.

WL: Favorite local bloggers:
I recently tumbled upon and love the simplicity, yet sophistication of her outfits.

WL: Are you more willing to splurge on a shoe or bag?
A bag only because it’s easier to get scratches on shoes [than] a bag and that’s just too painful to see.

WL: Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without my…
LP: Michele watch and chapstick.

WL: Fashion in Washington is…?
LP: Interesting. There’s a good mix of trendy, hipster and conservative in this area.

Would you rather wear…

WL: A leather jacket or boyfriend blazer?
LP: Leather jacket

WL: Stilettos or Ballet flats?
LP: Stilettos

We are drooling over this killer Balenciaga bag. (Photo courtesy of Linda Park)

WL: Leather leggings or leather sleeved coat?
LP: Leather leggings

WL: Red lipstick or black eyeliner?
LP: Black eyeliner

WL: Oversize watch or spiked bracelet?
LP: Oversize watch

WL: Faux or fur?
LP: Fur

WL: Ankle booties or over the knee boots?
LP: Over the knee boots

WL: Chanel bag or Louboutin pumps?
LP: Chanel for the win!

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