Life of the Party: YGLers take on the Cadillac ATS

by Editorial

Young and The Guest List members featured in exclusive Cadillac webisodes.

By John Arundel

The Cadillac ATS was the real “life of the party” at Washington Life Magazine’s latest Young and The Guest List bash. Here, Davide de Pas and Kirsten Reiss take turns posing in the bright red vehicle. (Photo by Alfredo Flores)

One of the first greeters of the 700 guests at Washington Life’s 7th-annual Young and The Guest List soiree at Arena Stage was the sleek, uber cool 2013 Cadillac ATS. Inside the Cadillac Lounge, the ATS was seemingly the life of the party as YGLers danced around it, rested against it and took cell phone photos inside of its powerful cockpit.

Cadillac ATS in the Cadillac Lounge at Washington Life Magazine’s Young and The Guest List 2012. (Photo by Tony Powell)

Two lucky 2012 Young and the Guest Listees got more than a chance to dance around the vehicle when marketing reps from Washington Area Cadillac Dealers approached them in October with an opportunity neither could pass up: The offer to test drive one of the first 2013 models, fresh off the Detroit production line, and appear in a Cadillac webisode on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Washington Life TV and other select spots on the World Wide Web, including GM Drives the Northeast.

Cadillac provided two of Washington’s most recognized influencers, Kate Michael of the K Street Kate blog, and Win Huffman, president of the Capital Club, the opportunity to test out the 2013 Cadillac ATS in different road conditions and rural and urban settings. In the slickly produced episodes, both Young & the Guest Listees were featured driving the ATS while showing a day in their life.

With Kate, the video production crew found themselves dropping in at the Washington Life-sponsored Freer Sackler 25th Anniversary gala at the Smithsonian, at Peacock Café in Georgetown for lunch, and at Art Jamz on Dupont Circle for an afternoon of sipping and painting with her gal pals. See Kate’s webisode:

Kate Michael – Cadillac from Joel Layman on Vimeo.

With Win, a known rough-and-tumble outdoorsman, he showed Cadillac an afternoon at the farm, a visit to the City Tavern Club where many Capitol Club events are held, and at lunch with his good friend Winston Lord, president of Venga. See Win’s webisode:

Win Huffman – Cadillac from Joel Layman on Vimeo.

At the 7th annual Young & the Guest List party, the Cadillac Lounge was the place to be, with steamy drinks and specialty cocktails, passed hors d’oeuvres and a thumping soundtrack provided by renowned D.C. deejay Seyhan Duru.

At the end of the evening, 2012 YGL honorees received a commemorative wooden box containing a wine stopper and corkscrew, as well as a certificate allowing them a $50 gift card in exchange for test driving a new Cadillac at any Washington Area Cadillac dealer.

Cadillac is looking for the next iconic young adult under 40, a leader in the community through philanthropic, social and public contributions. If you’re interested in being featured in the next Cadillac webisode, email your information to Cadillac@RedPeg.comIf you’re just interested in test driving the Cadillac for yourself, visit to locate the nearest dealer.

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