Society 2.0: All Biden, All the Time

by Laura

A White House petition to start a Joe Biden reality show has Tweeters going bananas. 

By Laura Wainman

The man, the myth, the legend: Joe Biden. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Only in Washington, DC would the idea of a reality TV show starring the one and only VP-with-the-electric-smile be considered breaking news. The fact that the White House is the one officially petitioning for the Joe show makes it all the more entertaining. Sure enough, Washingtonians are (mostly) syked at the idea of getting insider scoops on Joe Biden on the daily, and there’s no better place to sound off than the Twit-o-Sphere:

“Of all the “We The People” petitions, I think this- asking for a Vice President Joe Biden reality show, is my favorite” via Taylor Schaffer @tschaffer1

“@JstnCase618: Petition to White House calls for Biden to get his own reality show: ” He IS his own reality show. Live” via Palate Exposure @PalateXposure

“If anybody deserves a reality show it is Joe Biden. That guy is television gold. #thesheriffjoeshow” via Matthew J. Pizzo @MatthewJPizzo

“No Malarkey! #JoeBidenRealityShow” via Jason Renker @JasonRenker

“If you liked him in the VP debate, sign petition for a TV program chronicling daily banter of Joe Biden |” via Tam Harbert @tamharbert

“This would be the best show on TV since The Wire. I urge everyone to sign so we can see more #JoeBiden” via JosephDWood @JosephDWood

“It can’t be a good sign when #2013 begins with many tweeting favorably about #JoeBiden. Ugh.” via NoEmptySuits @NoEmptySuits 

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