Wine & Spirits: Teavine

by Laura

The alcoholic blended beverage is now exclusively available in Washington, DC. 

By Laura Wainman

The carbonated beverage blends green tea, white wine and honey. (Photo courtesy of Teavine)

Washington has never been a town to shy away from a new adult beverage, and as of March 1, it has become the exclusive home to Teavine, the first ever blend of organic green tea, organic honey and white wine. The carbonated beverage is natural, with no artificial colors, additives or preservatives. Though the company is based in Rappahannock county, Teavine was founded by District native James Henry. A native of the District, Henry wanted to offer the conisseurs of Washington a unique drink that could be a “conversation starter.”

“DC is a high pressure town where people’s principal source of relaxation is alcohol,” said Henry. “There’s nothing like [Teavine] on the market. It’s a thirst quencher, an intoxicator and an energizer, and is the right prescription for a town that likes to drink and work.”

While Henry has plans of expanding his beverage beyond the DMV, he believes Washington was the perfect launching point; he calls it “boomtown.”

“In the coming months, people should be asking for it by name and operations are building up for the summertime demand,” said Henry.

Teavine can currently be found at Globe Liquors (4520 Benning Rd SE), Riggs Liquors (5581 South Dakota Ave NE), The Brookland Cafe (3740 12th St NE), S&S Liquors (6925 4th St NW ) and A-1 Wine & Liquor (1420 K Street NW). 

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