Society 2.0: White Smoke and Veronica Mars

by Laura

From a Latino Pope to a $2 million movie crowdsource-funded in one day, it was a week of firsts. 

By Chelsea Coli

Pope Francis chose to speak in his native tongue (Spanish) when addressing the Vatican for the first time on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky)

The sound heard around the world came in the form of white smoke Wednesday, as Francis de Assisi I was elected Pope. It is with a string of firsts that he takes his position, as the first South American, Argentinean, and first Jesuit to be elected. After the only papal resignation in six centuries that preceded his election, we should have expected this conclave would leave us with another surprise to add to the history books. As Pope Francis made his opening appearance to the people, Twitter blew up with words of praise for the new pope as well as hopes and prayers that these firsts will lead to a new era for the church – one that leaves scandal and distrust behind.

“May God bless Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio! We have a Jesuit Argentinian Pope! #habemuspapam” via Raissa Espinoza @cordille

“@AbhishekPRIDE Pope Francis I. Hopefully he can rebuild the reputation of the Catholic Church” via Mairéad McMahon @MaireadMcMahon

“May god bless and keep Pope Francis I. We are blessed as catholics to call him our Holy Father. #VivaIlPapa” via  Will Bomentre @BigWill1138

“@aBelleReve I see Pope Francis as the church acknowledging the need for change, while staying conservative enough to have it accepted.” via Guilty Squid @guiltysquid

“Hola, Pope Francis! This selection feels hopeful…nice day to be a Catholic. #whitesmoke” via Maureen Penn @pennandink

“Pope Francis I! May you teach us to be humble and be a good man to all the way St. Francis lived his life. ” v ia  Papu Torres @thepapurazzi

Actress Kristen Bell thanked her “dearest marshmallows” for making the movie a possibility in a letter to fans on Kickstarter.(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Though it only lasted three seasons, “Veronica Mars” fans have shown themselves to be some of the most financially dedicated. When the show decided to employ a crowdsourcing campaign on Kickstarter to fund a big-screen version, die-hard fans, or “marshmallows,” donated $2 million in less than a day. When the news broke that they had reached their goal and the movie was a go, Twitter made it clear that those who didn’t watch the show are split; while some are excited at what it could mean for other shows, others are disappointed by where the money could have gone.

“I’m so excited about the #VeronicaMars movie actually being a proper thing! it’s happening! such a great show now going to be a great film!” via Louisa Slappey @louieFRESH

“Veronica Mars” movie funded in 10 hours but we still can’t afford to put teachers in classrooms. Your priorities are wacky, America.” via Dan Brian @DanielBrian

“I love Veronica Mars–love her strength, courage, intelligence, fiestiness–so this project is exciting! Kickstarter ” via Cheryl Rainfield @CherylRainfield

“It’s a shame nothing else got funded on Kickstarter except Veronica Mars yesterday.” via Scott Beggs @scottmbeggs

“Not a fan of Veronica Mars but excited at the prospects of other shows pulling this off” via  Joshua Becker @MrJoshBecker

“Sooooo excited about a #VeronicaMars film! The audience speaks, the landscape of storytelling shifts. For the better! Go, fans, go!”  via Eric Wallace @ewrote


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