Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Cinderella’s crib, Barbie’s new swag and ’90s rockers make great fashion models?

By Nichole Devolites

A model walking the AW 2013/2014 MGPIN collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week China (Photo courtesy

Disney vs. Barbie – Chic Experiences Around the World

Want to feel like a princess for a night … or a weekend? Check out the Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Although not quite up to Mariah Carey standards, it still begs the question: Why hasn’t Cinderella been on MTV Cribs yet?

… Cinderella might have her own suite, but Barbie has her own restaurant. The rather expansive cafe in Taiwan opened in early January and, yes, it serves real food in a real kitchen — no plastic make-believe for these diners!

Fashion News from Around the World

What do ice cream, Zac Posen and Joe Maganiello have in common? Read this article to find out. I’m jealous of his co-star.

Last week, Alexander Farennikov unveiled The Bra Dryer 2.0. Although it sounds like a gimmick for HSN, it’s actually quite legit. Check out how it dries even the most expensive of fabrics.

Blue Ivy must have thrown the temper tantrum of the century when news broke that Kate Middleton’s name had officially been trademarked. According to St. James Palace, all proceeds from sales of trademarked garb will go to the Royal Foundation.

Want something done right? Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Crowdsourcing one’s perfect handbag has become the new trend. See why Stitch Collective wants you to design (and collaborate on) your own bag.

The organizers of Fashion’s Night Out has suspended events in the U.S. after too many retailers complained that they were spending more money than they were making. But that doesn’t mean it’s been canceled everywhere. Need your FNO fix? Nineteen countries including the U.K. are still participating. In the U.K. you can expect the type of grand event that only that country would think to put on.

Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love are fashion models — said no one, ever. However, according to Saint Laurent, we’re all wrong. Tapping such ’90s rockers as Beck, Manson and Love are next in line to promote the brand. Check out a sneak peek of both Manson and Love in the mysterious-yet-beautiful art that are the new Saint Laurent ads.

Not eye-popping enough? Check out Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in China, where the eye makeup-slash-art has us wondering whether or not the models can blink.

Still not impressed? Check out Russian fashion week. Two words: Walking Art.

Shopping News

So many notable designers have published books about their evolving designs. Finally, it’s Pucci’s turn. Sneak preview here. The 416-page book, due out very soon, looks like a well-preserved (and incredibly chic) time capsule.

Looking for something a little more vintage, perhaps something “frameable”? Try this auction. The vintage photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor are beautiful.

And in more Barbie news … move over Kanye and Barbie has come out with her own LED garb! Unveiled in February at the Toy Fair in New York, Barbie’s LED dress has a touch-screen panel that allows for customized designs or pre-set choices. It goes on sale in August.

Spring 2013 Trends

When I think of crop-tops, I think of much more than a bit of midriff. In the ’90s, I was guilty of wanting to expose as much mid-section as I could. Today, I’m not so sure I’d ever do that again. Since midriffs are a big trend for spring, designers have found a way to make them classy, sexy and acceptable. But before you take it for a spin, check out some do’s and don’t’s, as well as some of the hottest looks for spring here.

If you thought crazy hats were meant for those at equine events and weddings “across the pond,” think again. These “sprang” up at the New York Easter Parade.

Not practical you say? Try a new shade of eyeliner. Eye-popping colors are all the rage for spring.

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