Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Brides are bad luck for Men’s Warehouse, Louis Vuitton has a new “It” bag and London Fashion Week is here!

By Nichole Devolites

Prada Marfa (Photo by informedmindstravel via Flickr)

Prada Marfa (Photo by informedmindstravel via Flickr)

Brides everywhere, you are to blame for the decline in Men’s Warehouse sales in 2013.  Apparently, no one wants to get married this year because the number 13 is historically an unlucky number. My bank account and my friend’s registries would say otherwise though…

Ballet costumes have come a long way from pink tights and tutus. Today’s costumes are edgier and more ornate. Check out the plastic ballet costumes Dutch couturier Iris Van Herpen is designing for Benjamin Millepied’s newest untitled ballet.

Target is on a roll with their collaborations, this time partnering with a designer across the pond. Peter Pilotto is on tap to create the new collection, however, there’s a twist — Net-a-Porter will be responsible for selling it, providing a stronger international reach than Target has ever had. The collection goes on sale February 2014.

Want something a little harder to get? . After years of their designs going mainstream, making it attainable for almost anyone, the luxe company’s new $4,600 bag is something to covet. Note: It’s already sold out.

Bloomingdale’s has recently announced a new “accessory” to their clothing that will keep you from wearing that expensive frock and then returning it. According to the CEO, they have suffered an $8.8 billion loss as a result of this growing trend by consumers.

Instead of buying and returning, why not rent? Rent-the-Runway just announced they are offering plus-sized gowns!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wrapped up late last week and we covered the majority of the shows in last week’s post. However, the shows weren’t over and there’s more to cover!

Fashion week wasn’t just about the clothes, the shows and the photographs — it’s also about the art. See what Bil Donovan was doing backstage at the shows.

For those of you who have never been to a fashion show, may not know that they happen all around New York City. Lesser-known designers with much smaller budgets scramble for any space to show their collections. Sometimes, these lesser-known designers catch a break and get discovered. London-based Whistles quickly created some buzz last week with their show — a precursor to their store opening in 2014.

London Fashion Week

Dame Vivienne Westwood, known for her out-there designs, avant-garde approach to art (who can forget last year’s demand for a naked statue of her at the Met Gala?) and her radical thoughts, had a message for people across the world, “Stop buying so much.” For the first time in my existence, I agree with her. Her argument: Quality over quantity. Read all about it in an interview here.

Since London Fashion Week has just begun, check out some of the early news coming out of it:

… and as we bid adieu to this week’s post, we might also need to say goodbye to an iconic sculpture in Marfa, Texas.

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