Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

Platinum shoes, bespoke jeans and a tearful goodbye to Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton.

By Nichole Devolites

Marc Jacobs (Photo by coutorture via Flickr)

Marc Jacobs (Photo by coutorture via Flickr)

It used to be that I could pick a software developer out of a lineup, as their attire would scream “I live in my parents’ basement and haven’t slept in days.” Today, these same “tech geeks” are taking over the high-end fashion world.

And while the men of the world are cleaning up their style, women are taking theirs to the dirty South. Once considered a fad, it looks as though “grillz” are becoming an increasingly popular trend among women. Check out some of the female celebs who are jumping on this fashion statement.

Another fashion statement: Matching your hairstyle to your outfit. According to Uniqlo, every outfit deserves a different style.

Fun fact of the day from Tamara Mellon: Jimmy Choo never designed a single shoe for their company. For more facts about Tamara and Jimmy Choo, see her interview.


It’s that time of year when the auction blocks are fired up and people are spending large sums of money all over the world. Last week, it was one of the largest diamonds in the world. Coming up next: Hollywood icon memorabilia. Yep, you, too can own Marilyn Monroe’s X-rays.

…and while some collect memorabilia, others collect rare shoes. If you have about $95,000 lying around, you can own your own pair of platinum stilettos by House of Borgezie.

If that’s a bit out of your price range, try Alexander McQueen’s Pearl & Metal Block Heel Sandal at a mere $5,000.

Perhaps you like to collect makeup instead? M.A.C. has announced its newest collaboration collection for spring: Proenza Schouler.

Want something more customizable? Bespoke jeans are all the rage now with some costing up to four figures a pair. The trick to the investment? Never gain weight — ever.

Looking for workout gear to keep your figure in shape for those jeans? Stella McCartney has created a workout shoe, co-designed with Adidas.

Speaking of  “workouts,” check out the Face Bra. That’s right… I’m not making this up. At risk for freaking out my other half at bedtime, I’ll stick with the pricey serums and eye creams.

Goodbye Paris Fashion Week — and Marc Jacobs

Saving the best for last, and not to be outdone, Karl Lagerfeld continues to delight with his colorful and artistic collection for Chanel.

… and while I’m on the subject of color, check out the latest street style shoe trends for 2014. Other trends for 2014 here.

If you paid attention to not just the clothes but also the models themselves, you would have noticed that some of the ladies in these clothes looked downright ghastly. Find out what one model’s “diet” was for 10 days before the show.

Also extremely noticeable this year: Going braless with a sheer shirt. Although I’m guessing this is ill-advised in the Washington, D.C. area, these shirts can definitely be worn with a feminine cami or if you’re daring, a beautiful bra.

Also noticeable this year, according to Robin Givhan: It’s a transitional year for many of the major fashion houses. Find out who succeeded and who flopped.

And now for the major news that has left not a dry eye in the very haute couture fashion house of Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs has there, ending a very long and successful era for the major label. See his very last collection here. Need a trip down memory lane? Check out a retrospective of his career .

… and while his 16-year tenure ended, so did his relationship with Harry Louis. The announcement here on Instagram.

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