Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Nichole

An $83 million pink diamond, Brigitte Bardot’s Parisian home for sale and women who want to look like mannequins.


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By Nichole Devolites

News from Around the World

A month ago, Oprah Winfrey held the “biggest yard sale ever,” to sell all of the furnishings in her Montecito mansion, as she was redecorating her abode from top to bottom. About $600,000 was raised from the sale for her girls’ leadership academy in South Africa.

In the U.S., women go to plastic surgeons everyday, asking to look like someone they admire physically. In Venezuela, women go to plastic surgeons everyday and ask to look like a mannequin they saw in a shop window. Meet the man behind this trend and find out why plastic surgery is at an all-time high in a country known for its (faux) beauty.

Of course, we know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Come spring, Abercrombie & Fitch will be adding larger sizes to their women’s line.

One person who would surely disagree with that philosophy? Karl Lagerfeld. He was recently interviewed by Jessica Chastain on his life, his passions and yes, even dieting.

I have many friends with adorable children who are dressed in the cutest-of-cute outfits everyday. I’m guessing there are many more moms out there who do the same thing or want a little something “extra” to add to their child’s look. If you are one of those moms, check out Mindy McKnight’s video blog on some fun, creative hairstyles. The Minnie Mouse buns are my favorite.

More interested in covering up your own hair? Check out some of the crazy hats seen at the Melbourne Cup last week.

Speaking of crazy, it was just a matter of time before Lady Gaga and Versace teamed up

Fabulous real estate alert! Brigitte Bardot’s Parisian home is for sale for $8.2 million.

Another fabulous thing that was up for sale? An $83 million pink diamond, purchased by New York City-based diamond cutter Isaac Wolf at a Sotheby’s auction.


In Washington, many women don statement necklaces to accentuate fancy frocks worn to this city’s many after-hours events. However, many women are taking to pairing these over-sized baubles with simpler outfits. Drew Ginsburg started an online frenzy with her pairings, which sparked Dylanlex — a site dedicated to tastefully daring statement necklaces, meant to be rocked with even jeans and a tee.

Want something a bit more custom? Check out BITE lipstick, a custom lipstick company that has consultants who work with you to create your perfect shade(s).

More interested in ready-to-wear colors? Tune into Dolce & Gabbana’s Sicilian Jewels collection. Unsure about some of the colors? Check out the This interview gives you the quick and dirty on how to wear them.

To match these baubles and your custom lipstick, try this season’s must-have silver flats by Manolo Blahnik.

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