Power Source: A New Economic Frontier

by adoucette

The National Bankers Association 86th annual conference ushers in a new era of urban economics. 

By Adoria Doucette

Banking Photo

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation CEO Shaunise Johnson announces a $5,000,000 deposit into minority banks as part of initiatives led by the National Bankers Association. (Photo courtesy of the National Bankers Association)

Washington D.C. is the true financial capital of the world. The Federal Reserve System and numerous federal agencies control the use of capital and credit within the economy, making our town the center of the global financial matrix. Hundreds of organizations representing every constituency in the world operate in Washington to monitor, influence, and coordinate reactions to fiscal decisions made in the District. For three years Power Source has profiled the accomplishments of one of these entities: the National Bankers Association (NBA), whose member banks are owned and controlled by Native Americans, American Indians, East Indians, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and women.

The NBA is skillfully navigating the intersection of federal fiscal policy and community economics at a time when most small banks cannot afford dedicated staff to monitor the implications of federal regulation. At its 86th annual conference held last month in Atlanta, GA, the NBA announced that it is fully engaged with financial agencies in a way that will improve the ability of NBA member banks to successfully navigate the bureaucracy of the slow moving regulatory universe. Regulatory efficiency and stability will both enhance the productivity of current federal programs that should benefit small business and stimulate private equity and institutional capital partnerships between the majority financial community and NBA member banks. This accomplishment lays the groundwork for greater economic opportunity and prosperity within the communities that these banks serve in 29 states across 61 cities.

NBA member banks are at the cultural center of $2 trillion in buying power, which will reach close to $5 trillion as the population continues to grow.  The US population will expand by 50% in the next 50 years – 90% of that growth will be in the minority community. Savvy individuals and institutions recognize the value in having an account with minority banks, as it immediately empowers the local economy. At the NBA’s conference, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) announced a historic $5 million dollar deposit into minority banks. Due to the mathematics of current reserve ratios, this single action immediately creates up to $30,000,000 for  loans to individuals, families, churches, and small businesses.  Those loans will circulate throughout the economy and create even larger amounts of economic activity within communities that need it most.  Every dollar deposited is loaned out many times over. A dollar earned is a dollar spent, and the cash is eventually deposited back at a bank, and then loaned out again. Banking with a minority institution is a smart method of creating economic development and community empowerment.

Tremendous economic opportunities are available to responsible and informed small businesses and investors.  In the American economy there is more capital for investments and borrowing available now than ever before. Because of actions here in Washington interest rates are at historic lows, making financing and refinancing attractive to individuals and institutions who truly understand the credit system. Several hundred thousand responsible and savvy minority investors and small businesses hunger for more economic engagement by banks. To directly engage this untapped market of entrepreneurs, the NBA announced a focused effort to enable NBA member banks to meet the large demand for new financing for small business development within the urban centers of America.

Power Source commends the directors and staff of the NBA along with the 15,000 employees of these minority banks and their corporate officers. With over 3,000,000 depositors and growing, let them truly appreciate and value the important future they hold for our entire economy. Structural economic strength has always been the next dream of minority empowerment, and these accomplishments by the NBA continue our successful and historic  journey of  multicultural economic expansion.

The world of finance is invisible to most Americans. The great frustration towards the financial class in America must change, because financial engineering is not greed. The system will never be perfect, but the fundamental functions of finance are required for the stability of our daily existence. Many are still suffering from the financial crisis of 2008, however this should not blind people to new opportunity and knowledge. In order for America to improve the economy, we must enhance the collective understanding of Americans regarding international economics and how it effects personal finance. I recommend watching this short video by billionaire Ray Dialo, which brilliantly explains what you must know in order to thrive within our economy: economicprinciples.org


Power Source is an insider’s view of power networks and activities that contribute to the continued dominance of our nation’s ideals, institutions and individuals. Ms. Doucette has privately orchestrated projects for the world’s most influential individuals, celebrated personalities, and corporations. Based in Washington DC, Ms. Doucette is a proud native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She can be reached at: adoria@thepowersourcedc.com 

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