WL Lists: Philanthropic 50 – 2014

by Editorial

Washington’s most generous benefactors.

Clockwise from top left: Teresa Heinz (file), Dr. Ryuji Ueno and Sachiko Kuno (courtesy S&R Foundation), Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez (file), David Rubenstein (file), Ted and Lynn Leonsis (file), Cindy and Jeong Kim (file), Annie Totah (file), Betty Brown Casey (courtesy), Brenda and Mark Moore (courtesy).

Clockwise from top left: Teresa Heinz, Dr. Ryuji Ueno and Sachiko Kuno, Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez, David Rubenstein, Ted and Lynn Leonsis, Cindy and Jeong Kim, Annie Totah, Betty Brown Casey, Brenda and Mark Moore. (Ueno/Kuno courtesy S&R Foundation. Casey and Moore courtesy. All others file photos).

Washington area benefactors have continued to hold the line, making up for government deficits and keeping things running as smoothly as possible in communities that need it the most. Family foundations are the backbone of giving in the nation’s capital, but technology is making it easier than ever for individuals to give in any number of ways both large and small.

Our Philanthropic 50 benefactors give much and often, with special emphasis on healthcare, education, children and the arts. Our list, by no means definitive, aims to highlight Washington’s grand tradition of giving. To those individuals — and generous spirits everywhere — we salute you!

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