Health & Wellness: Let the Light In

by Editorial

Harness the energy of the Summer Solstice to re-invigorate your workout.

By Pari Bradlee

(Photo by Lulu Lovering via Flickr)

(Photo by Lulu Lovering via Flickr)

Spring Equinox signals a rebirth in the Earth. But it is also a rebirth in us — a shedding of all that is no longer needed, a revealing of truths, a light that shines on the deepest and darkest of places. A spring cleaning of the soul. It feels like a storm or a volcano for some, sparking anxiety, worry and heartache.

But now comes the Summer Solstice, the longest, lightest day of the year, which falls on Saturday, June 21 this year. A literal light at the end of the tunnel, a clearer answer and vision about the proper direction for us on our path.

Mother Earth is blooming and radiant after the dust storm, so are we. As we move into the second half of 2014, where will we channel our energy and attention? Now is the time to embrace the silence within. The Native Americans call this: Entering the dream lodge. It is where their guardians and ancestors hold council and offer guidance and wisdom toward our next steps.

With the brightest days upon us, bathe yourself and others in light so you can clearly see what you want to do this year. Invite light inward and illuminate yourself and others toward what you set out to do this year.

In the season of Gemini, the twins, it is important to balance both sides of ourselves. The yin and the yang. During the longest days of the year, with maximum sunlight and energy, we are invited to celebrate the fruits of Mother Earth. Put aside the bland routine of going to a crowded gym or the same old lunch spot. Go outside. Sunlight, as they say, is the best disinfectant — of secrets and of the spirit.

A jog through colorful flowers in the fresh air — even a short one — is more inspiring than being trapped in a dark spin class. It’s a beautiful time to roll out your yoga mat in a beautiful garden and practice there rather than indoors. Studies have shown that even a short exposure to nature can do wonders for your stress levels.

Break away from the crowd and wake up your senses. Let each moment serve as an inspiration to create your own art — or to make art of your life — and to achieve whatever dream or resolution you had at the dark, snowy beginning of the year.

Your power is illuminated now. Shine all the irradiated thoughts, words and actions into all facets of your life. Lighten up your diet and your mind, add more colors to your wardrobe and laugh away the years. You will see your relationships mesh better and your finances make more sense. It’s the old adage but an apt one: Change your mind, change your life. Mother Earth is glowing. Are you?

Pari Bradlee has been in the fitness industry for 18 years. She was a body builder and a hip hop dancer for BET in her teens and early 20s.  She is a personal trainer and yoga teacher who has worked with everyone from cab drivers to A-List Hollywood actors. She takes a very healing and intuitive approach to teaching as she comes from a family of healers. Her grandfather who recently died at 103 was a medicine man in the mountains of Iran and she grew up with the healing of more than just medicine but music, poetry, herbs, oils. Every class is different. Every client has their own unique experience based on their personalities, emotional and physical needs. More than just a class, Pari likes to give a real experience with music, aromatherapy and fresh air and is known in the yoga world for the best assists/touch, readings and playlists. She is currently writing two books and can be found teaching clients all around town on rooftops and gardens.

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