Power Source: 80 Years of Excellence

by Columnist

Industrial Bank celebrates its  80 anniversary with several upgrades and launches. 

By Adoria Doucette

(Photo Courtesy Industrial Bank)

Industrial Bank’s CEO, Doyle Mitchell, threw out the first pitch for the Nationals at last Friday’s game against the Giants. (Photo Courtesy Industrial Bank)

You only celebrate an 80th anniversary once, and Industrial Bank, which is hitting that milestone this month, is doing it right. The bank has launched a new mobile app and plans to renovate its branches, launch a new website and acquire another bank within the year.  As an important driver of recent growth in Washington, Landover and Baltimore, CEO Doyle Mitchell has intelligently managed his banks participation in Washington D.C. becoming an incredibly diverse and swank city. Since the inception of the bank in 1934, Industrial has been a pillar of community banking in the capital region by providing residents, small businesses and nonprofits with someone to talk to, get advice from, and do business together.

For the past three years Industrial has been awarded two Bank Enterprise Awards by the Treasury Department for providing home mortgage loans, home improvement loans, and commercial real estate loans in distressed and low income communities. These bank loans have significantly contributed to the emergence of newly vibrant neighborhoods around our nations capital.

Happy 80th Industrial Bank!


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