How Plum Relish is Redefining Lunch in the Workplace

by Kelsey Kroning

Sarah Van Dell was unenthusiastic when talking about her past experience with office lunches. In her previous marketing and finance roles, she became exhausted by catered meals “full of soggy salads and boring sandwiches.” Inspired by a desire for more exciting lunches, Van Dell and partner Amanda Leader took a swing at improving the midday meal experience and Plum Relish was born.

Plum Relish serves all of its lunches in portioned boxes (Courtesy Photo)

The local service delivers healthy and satisfying bento-style boxes to groups of 15 or more through a simple online ordering system. Once lunch delivery is scheduled, each participating diner receives a link allowing them to individually select their meals. Think salmon primavera and tender roasted turkey over greens. Meal options change weekly, but lunch lovers can always depend on tasty ingredients that are fresh, sustainably sourced, unprocessed and rich in protein. The five daily options include one paleo and vegan option, and at least two gluten free choices. Meals are accompanied by Plum Relish’s signature dessert, brownie bites, which Van Dell says “are always a hit.”

According to its website, Plum Relish is happy to bid farewell to the “leftover catering trays and picked-over sandwiches” signature to catered office lunches. All its meals are prepared and portioned to support healthy eating habits and eliminate waste.

Van Dell knows that Plum Relish’s standard for high quality, fairly priced food is what piques her client’s interests, but she thinks it’s her team’s reliable customer service that keeps them coming back. The company’s straightforward business model says it all.

Brownie bites come with every Plum Relish order. Van Dell calls them a customer favorite. (Courtesy Photo)

CEO Sarah Van Dell and COO Amanda Leader are the co-founders of Plum Relish

“We say no to things because we just want to do lunch really well,” Van Dell said.

Van Dell hopes to expand Plum Relish’s mission all across Washington and put a “stop to the sad desk lunch” once and for all.

Visit; boxes start at $12

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