Art in the City: Where Science, Math and Art Intersect

by Catherine Douglas Moran

ARTECHOUSE explores the universe with pulsating audio and visual designs.

“HOMEOMORPHISM” by Ouchhh (Photo provided by ARTECHOUSE)

ARTECHOUSE’s current exhibition, “Parallel Universe,” which runs through March 4, emerges viewers into a mostly black and white multi-sensory experience where they can sit on one of eight bean bags to experience a pulsating light installation or marvel at 3D mapped projections of geometric shapes and lines moving to eery music. A spinning circular piece with occasional flashes of red creates a heart-racing effect. The augmented reality cocktails add further embellishment with drinks that swirl alive when viewed through the lens of the ARTECHOUSE app.

The quirky cocktail selection includes the strong lime-flavored Parallel Universe (Chacha, vanilla syrup, sparkling wine, and lime foam) and AVA (Wodka Vodka, lime, ginger, coconut water and egg white). The iOTA contains squid ink and the Searchlight uses Elderflower Liquor.

Inspired by science, mathematics and astrology, “Parallel Universe” is the first solo retrospective exhibit for the Turkish art studio Ouchhh. The award-winning group integrates art, science and technology into immersive experiences through animation, motion graphics, sound design and lighting effects.

The installations explore the concept of a parallel universe through the use of data and mathematics, said Ferdi Alici, creative director at Ouchhh. “We tried to redefine the universe by using minimal graphics,” said Alici. Color can create different feelings based on gender or culture and leave eyeballs feeling tired, agrees Alici and Lighting Programmer Sezgin Karaagaç “SKLD.” The almost entirely black and white exhibition makes viewers focus on the graphics and sound, and if “you watch it a hundred times, you feel every time is different.”

Since its opening last June, ARTECHOUSE provides an innovative space to explore art and technology. The exhibit is not recommended for individuals with a family or personal history of epilepsy, anxiety, claustrophobia, migraines, heart conditions, seizures or sensitivity to flashing lights, because of the highly immersive use of strong lighting effects and haze.

ARTECHOUSE 1238 Maryland Ave., SW | tickets required for exhibitions | daytime admissions 12+, evening 21+ | tickets start at $15

An augmented reality version of the Parallel Universe drink (Photo by Catherine Douglas Moran)

“Parallel Universe” exhibit (Photo by Catherine Douglas Moran)

“Parallel Universe” is open until March 4 at ARTECHOUSE (Photo by Catherine Douglas Moran)

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