Power 100: Corey Lewandowski

by Editorial

Corey Lewandowski, Political Operative
He was in, then he was out and now he could be in again. Lewandowski, President Trump’s combative former campaign manager, left the Trump team in June 2016 after news that he had manhandled a protester and a journalist, and after reportedly butting heads with then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Insiders say he never stopped being a confidante to the president and rumors are now circulating that he could be in line to replace current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. On the night of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, as Trump held his counter- programming rally in Michigan, Lewandowski appeared on stage with the President, who praised him for not being “a patsy” on cable news and for helping him win the election. Curt Mills, a reporter for The American Conservative, wrote: “Those familiar with Lewandowski say that Trump summoning him was evocative of when he called onstage Reince Priebus, who would become chief of staff, during election night in 2016.”

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