Government Watchdogs: Norman Eisen

by Editorial

Norman Eisen, Chairman, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)
“Only 16 percent of what Trump says is true, or mostly true,” says Eisen, a former Obama White House attorney. ”We’ve never had a president like this.” With the enormous personal wealth of the presidential family raising questions of divestiture, and the President making pronouncements that sometimes baffle even his own staff, it’s open season for a group of nonprofits like CREW whose mission is to keep the government and its leaders honest. Three of the more prominent ones are included here. Eisen pulls no punches in his comments on the president. “Of course Trump’s nervous,” he says of the Mueller investigation. “They’re all nervous. The president of the United States has tremendous exposure. He’s facing a trap. If he tells the truth he may prove corrupt intent, and expose himself to the consequences. If he lies, he’s liable under false statement liability, so it’s a terrible situation.”

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