Power 100: Tucker Carlson, Matthew Boyle & Benny Johnson

by Editorial

Tucker Carlson
Political Commentator, Fox News
Matthew Boyle
Washington editor, Breitbart News Network
Benny Johnson
Reporter-at-large, Daily Caller

With his boyish appearance, Carlson appears to have prolonged adolescence into early manhood (The New Yorker said he dressed like a spelling bee champion), but he’s good at it. Having gravitated from MSNBC to CNN, he is now Fox News’ conservative grenade launcher, leaving nightly casualties in his wake.

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Breitbart has lost Steve Bannon, its ideological leader, but not Bannon’s protégé and star performer Matthew Boyle, who supports Trump and punishes his enemies.

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Boyle spent weeks in Alabama covering the Roy Moore senatorial campaign and has interviewed Trump many times. Benny Johnson was fired from both Buzzfeed and Independent Journal Review for plagiarism, but landed on his feet as a reporter-at-large at the Daily Caller where he is poised to take advantage of any post Bannon slippage in Breitbart’s popularity.

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