Power 100: David Rubenstein

by Editorial

David Rubenstein
Executive Chairman, Carlyle Group

Rubenstein has stepped down as co-CEO of the giant equity company he founded with two partners and built up to its present level of managing $170 billion in assets. He and William F. Conway will remain as co-executive chairmen. But as he says himself, “It’s not as if we’re disappearing into the dust.

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” Washingtonians know him for his high-profile philanthropy with a passion for American history, and as chairman of practically everything.

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There’s no indication that he will relinquish any of his various board positions including at the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, the Kennedy Center and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.

Rubenstein, who is reportedly worth .

7 billion, was one of several billionaires invited to the White House’s state dinner French President Emmanuel Macron in April.

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