Power 100: Washington Fine Properties

by Editorial

Thomas Anderson
Founder, Washington Fine Properties
Dana Landry
Founder, Washington Fine Properties
William F.X. Moody
Founder, Washington Fine Properties
Marc Schappell
Founder, Washington Fine Properties

One of Washington’s most successful real estate powerhouses is benefiting from the District’s “re-urbanization,” where a combination of the active development sector, the city’s flourishing economy and a general renewed interest in city living is ensuring the market stays steadily hot. WFP founding partners Anderson, Landry, Moody and Schappell are at the forefront of the revival, keeping the leading company’s 150-plus agents busy selling downtown developments on the U Street Corridor and beyond.

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Recently one of the company’s senior sales associates said on a radio program that real estate agents were selling residential properties in areas of Washington where they feared to tread a few years ago. WFP is also capitalizing on young married couples drifting back from the suburbs to savor the amenities and walkability of Washington. But what grabbed the headlines and boosted its revenues to .

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7 billion in 2017 were its high end sales including, most recently, the late Mandell Ourisman and wife Mary’s Woodland Drive home sale to the Embassy of Morocco as the ambassador’s residence for $14 million. WFP represented seven of the top 10 sales in the Capital Region in 2017 and was the “go-to” firm for sales to Trump administration biggies, including Mnuchin, Ross, DeVos, Conway and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

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