Philanthropic 50: Kevin Plank

by Editorial

In 2016, the founder of the Under Armour sports line donated $16 million to St. John’s College High School, his Chevy Chase alma mater, but the target of much of his philanthropy has been the city of Baltimore, site of his company headquarters. The Under Armour moisture-free, rags-to-riches story of the mid-2000s has suffered setbacks in the past two years with a drop in sales, and Forbes magazine fixing Plank’s own net worth at $1.73 billion from its peak of almost $3 billion, but Plank’s Cupid Foundation has continued its philanthropic activity, including the Cupid Cup award to a promising start-up ($100,000 in prize money). Most recently it gave nearly half a million dollars to renovate a community recreation space in Baltimore’s inner city, partnered by ESPN, plus additional support for Baltimore’s Catholic schools.

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