To CBD or Not to CBD

by Katelyn Rutt

That is the question. The superpower elixir has taken the wellness market by storm – from skincare products to sports recovery drinks to lip balms and infused chocolates. The choices seem endless. Get the skinny on the do’s, don’ts and bewares while browsing for your own perfect Cannabidoil blend.

FOR THE SKEPTIC: Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the legal, non-hallucinogenic component of marijuana. It can aid symptoms like anxiety, depression, pain, ADHD and insomnia, and has been shown to benefit skin and stomach health.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Take no more than 10 to 25 milligrams two times per day, depending on body weight and the concentration of CBD in the product.

THUMBS UP: CBD-infused bath salts, joint balm for post-workout, cough drops and vitamins

THUMBS DOWN: CBD pet products and products from independent sellers (less reliable and often not FDA approved)



Incorporate into your morning routine: Gregorys Coffee, 1101 Connecticut Ave. NW, CBD latte with espresso, oat milk & 4-6 drops CBD oil ($6.50 for a medium)



Add to your pantry: District Hemp Botanicals, 1323 Connecticut Ave. NW, CBD Living Water ($8), CBD Truffles ($15), Colorado Hemp Honey ($30)



We recommend: Jrink x Apothekary, 1630 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Headquartered in the DMV, in store and online, available in lavender and rose flavors



Shop and learn: Local Meditations, 1631 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Shop CBD products and attend CBD-related workshops, yoga and mediation sessions



Get a massage: Georgetown Massage and Bodywork, 1726 Wisconsin Ave. NW 45-minute CBD oil massage ($120)


ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT: Hemp Industries Association Board President Joy Beckerman

ARE YOU OVERPAYING FOR YOUR CBD? “Unfortunately, many consumers are misled by improper labeling, which can cause them to choose lower potency CBD products over better options. Is the label providing enough information so that you know what the serving size is and how many milligrams of CBD are in each serving? That equation will help you tell if you’re getting a good value because it informs you how much you’re paying for each serving.”


MEDICAL CLAIMS: “Medical claims (e.g. “relieves pain”) are the first red flag, because they indicate that the company marketing the product has a lack of regard for, or knowledge of, FDA compliance.”

COMPANY CONTACT: “Be wary if a company does not provide contact information on their products. Proper labeling is a key aspect of quality assurance and builds trust between a seller and buyer.”

LEGALLY SOURCED: ‘Was the hemp grown and processed legally in the United States in accordance with federal regulations?”

Published in our September 2019 issue. 


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