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Where Do Washingtonians Summer?

Summer is nearly upon us, and soon many Washingtonians will be heading offto escape the city’s hot, humid climate. Here’s where some of Washington Life’sfavorite folk are headed:
Susan Mary Alsop
Susan Mary Alsop
Ann Brown  Donald Brown
Ann & Donald Brown
Diana Prince
Diana Prince

Northeast Harbor
Susan Mary Alsop
C. Boyden Gray
Deecy Gray
Bill and Louisa Newlin
Gilbert and Ann Kinney
George Peabody
Eben and Nancy Pyne

Prouts Neck
Aldie and Dolly Chapin

George and Barbara Bush

Mount Desert
Robert and Sylvia Blake
Caspar and Jane Weinberger

North Haven
John and Caroline Macomber
Mike and Pamela Peabody
Mary Swift

Virginia Chafee

William and Kathleen Warner

Chris and Lucy Buckley
Charles and Patricia Camalier
Tucker and Susan Carlson
Dick and Patricia Carlson
Phillip and Sherry Geyelin
Joe and Polly Krakora
Tony and Burks Lapham
Robert and Carew Lee
Christopher and Wendy Makins
Jamie and Phyllis Wyeth

Yachts Off Maine Coast
Muffy Stout

Art Buchwald
Art Buchwald
Shirley & Elliot Hall
Shirley & Elliot Hall
Cindy Jones
Cindy Jones

J. Carter Brown
Wiley Buchanan III
Betty Burton
Oatsie Charles
Britty Cudlip
Chip Cudlip
Mathews and Maizie Dick
Bernard and Sarah Gewirz
George and Nina Herrick
Charlie and Bonnie Matheson
Claiborne and Nuala Pell
Risty and Nancy Powell
Frederick and Diana Prince
Gene and Margy Quinn
Tom Quinn
Nina Straight
Michael Sullivan
Edward and Ruth Wheeler

New York
East Hampton
Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn
Sally Pingree

SouthamptonPeggy Cafritz
John Damgard

Fire Island
David Levy and Carole Feld

Shelter Island
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Feinstein

Fisher’s Island
O. Donaldson & Mary Jo Chapoton

Eunice Shriver
Eunice Shriver
Anthony Shriver
Anthony Shriver
Timmy Shriver
Timmy Shriver

Martha's Vinyard
Najeeb and Libby Halaby
Jayne Ikard
Robert S. McNamara
Langhorne and Judith Washburn

Vineyard Haven
Donald and Ann Brown
Art Buchwald
Katharine Graham
Elliott and Shirley Hall
Olga Hirshhorn
Ladybird Johnson
Finlay and Willee Lewis
Violet Thoron
Graham Wisner and Nina Davis

Vernon and Ann Jordan

Richard and Kathleen Darman
Lou and Ralph Davisdon
Tony and Buffy Miles
Evan and Oscie Thomas
Agnes Williams

Smith and Elizabeth Bagley
Max and Heidi Berry
Joan Bingham
Eleanor Ditzen
Robert and Carol Foley
Evan and Cindy Jones
Bill and Alison Paley
Molly Raiser
Robert and Marion Rosenthal
Kim and Priscilla Roosevelt
Polly Rosevelt
Lewis and Sarah Seidman
Sargent and Eunice Shriver
Joseph and Kate Tydings

Hunington and Amie Block
Charles and Gay Lord
Eleanor Ritchie

Cape Cod
David Acheson
Kip and Stephanie O’Neill
Edward True

Nini Ferguson
Nini Ferguson
Stuart & Wilma Bernstein
Stuart & Wilma Bernstein
Dana, A. Huda, & Samia Huda Farouki
Dana, A. Huda,
& Samia Huda Farouki

Bass River
Edward and Frida Burling

Alfred and Pie Friendly

Amo and Priscilla Houghton

Hyannis Port
Ethel Kennedy

Bunny Mellon

Robert and Lynn Nicholas

New Hampshire
Edmond and Margot Howar

Lolo Sarnoff

Rehoboth Beach
Morty and Grace Bender
David Brock
Estelle Gelman
Wallace and Billie Holladay
Winton and Wallace Holladay
Carol Schwartz
Mary Ann Stoessel

Bethany Beach
Sherrard Addison
Ann Camalier
Ken and Peggy Crosby
Craig and Karen Fuller
Chris Van Roijen

Eastern Shore
Ella Burling
Richard and Sheila Griffin
Ruth Noble Groom (Babba)
Margot and Gilbert Hahn

Aspen, Colorado
Stuart and Wilma Bernstein
Stuart and Sally Davidson
Melvyn and Suellen Estrin
Huda and Samia Farouki
Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn
Margaret Hodges
Frederic and Marlene Malek
William and Ann Nitze
Albert and Shirley Small
Maurice and Joan Tobin

Sun Valley, Idaho
Nini Ferguson
John Kerry and Teresa Heinz

Ketchum, Idaho
Mallory and Diana Walker

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
John Ledecky
James and Elaine Wolfensohn

Wilson, Wyoming
Peter and Beatrice Van Roijen

Big Horn, Wyoming
Malcolm and French Wallop

Shirley Small & Albert Small Jr.
Shirley Small
& Albert Small Jr.
Aniko Gaal Schott & Nina Pillsbury
Aniko Gaal Schott
& Nina Pillsbury
Jane Sloat
Jane Sloat

Johnny and Betsey Apple
Munir Benjenk
Christian and Nora Hohenlohe

Marc and Anita d’Anselme
Rev. Winthrop Brainerd
Jamie Creel
Richard Perle
Gabriella Steers
Judith Terra


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