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Ralls Collection Reception for Caio Fonseca

Sheryl Fiegel and Norman Parish

Lisa Bartolomei and Linda Haan

Manny Fitzgerald, Marsha Ralls and Caio Fonseco

Musical Masterpieces

A dinner at Mark Cohen's Kalorama home on January 21was followed by a private reception in honor of artist CaioFonseca at The Ralls Collection the following evening.Fonseca, a trained classical pianist, treated collectorsand guests to his musical talents on a baby grand pianothat the gallery had brought in especially for him. Theartist's works are found in numerous private collectionsthroughout Europe and the U.S., including the BrooklynMuseum, the Hirshhorn, and the Metropolitan Museumof Art. He confided that his show at The Ralls Collection,on display though March 8, would be the last before anexhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

John De Wolf

Greg Earls and Page Schwartz

Candy Gerstein and Jake McGuire

Mariana Carpinisan, Ira Lowe and Erik Denker

Tom Quinn and Bill Walde

              Photos by Catherine P. Kerkam


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