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Gods and Generals

Jeff Daniels, Michael Pietruczenia, Jeff Smith and Joe Dewson

Johnathan Maxwell,
Jeremy London and guest Melissa

Henry F. Shaffner II
and Stephen Lang

Robert Duvall

War is Heck

Cable god Ted Turner, who has a cameo role in his production company'snew civil war epic, "Gods and Generals," hosted members of Congress atthe world premiere of the movie at the National Theatre on February 10.A gala reception at the International Trade Center with the movie'sstars - Robert Duvall, Jeff Daniels, Stephen Lang, and Mira Sorvino,capped ff the evening's entertainment. The flick was filmed entirely in theU.S. at historic locations in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.

Kali Rocha

Zac, Katherine, Glenne and David Cypress, Kristina Lang

Karen Feld,
Tom McMillen and Jerry Gallegos

Sen. John Warner and Ted Turner

              Photos by Steve O’Toole


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