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Book Party for Arianna Huffington

Mark Levine, Steve Clemous, Kimberly Brooks & Jim Wand

Gahl Burt & Arianna Huffington

Lizzie Spender Humphries
& Gale Hayman

Sen. John Kerry

Joslyn & Steve Hills

Amitai Etzioni & Jane Wilner

"Corporate Greed"

"Everywhere there're lots of piggies, leading piggy lives,"George Harrison sang about them in the 70s. Nowpolitical pundit Arianna Huffington is capitalizing onthe unpopularity of corporate piggies with her new book,"Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and PoliticalCorruption Are Undermining America." Bill Maherdescribed the book as "the most entertaining tour guide tohell since Virgil led Dante through the Inferno. CrookedCEOs beware!"

Ron and Beth Dozoretz hosted a book party for Ariannaat their Wesley Heights residence (coincidentally, Ms.Huffington's former home) on January 30. Among theguests were Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. JohnKerry and his wife Teresa Heinz, Wall Street Journalcorrespondent Al Hunt, CNN's Greta Van Susteren andWolf Blitzer, lawyer Bob Barnett, Fred Malek, and Gale Hayman.

Nini Ferguson

Dodge and Syliva Thompson

Ron Dozoretz with Josh and Melanne

Bob Borosage, Beth Dozoretz, and Mark Ein

              Photos by Hyon Smith


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