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A new feature that highlights Washington Life’s favorite dishes in thearea,
from scrumptious desserts to not-to-be-missedappetizers, and unparalleled entrees.
Bon appetit!

Les Halles
Les Halles
Steak and Fries may be the adult version of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In aculinary world filled with foie gras, countless reductions, and demi-glazes, Steakand Frites stands out as two of our favorite simple foods that are perfectly paired, andno one does it better than Les Halles with its “American Beef, French Style” served withtheir crispy award-winning French fries.
1201 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
(202) 347-6848

Café Atlantico  Café Atlantico
The new Latino Dim Sum brunch at Café Atlantico features a tempting selectionof 28 small dishes highlighting cuisine inspired by Latin American and Caribbeaningredients, meaning you can expect plenty of avocados, coconut,and citrus flavors throughout your dining experience. Picking a favorite dish was achallenge, but the best bite was also the first bite. The potato and vanilla moussewith salmon roe is a sweet and delicious way to begin your dining adventure. Andthe best part is that the brunch is served both Saturday and Sunday!
405 8th Street, NW
(202) 393-0812

Ortanique  Ortanique
The test of a true Caesar Salad is in the dressing. It should not be creamy,but rather a light olive oil mixture, and the best one that we have tasted is atOrtanique where they prepare the dressing with roasted garlic, freshly squeezed lemonjuice, fresh anchovies lightly marinated in olive oil, cracked black pepper and gratedParmesan Reggiano Cheese. It is then tossed with crisp chopped Romaine lettucehearts, garnished with crispy wonton strips scented with lemon, juicy sliced grapetomatoes and a Parmesan “tuille” (which is a thin layer of finely ground Parmesancheese) and toasted until just crispy. It was love at first bite.
730 11th Street, NW
(202) 393-0975

Café Milano
Café Milano
Winter seems to bring out the meat-lover in us all, and this is a wonderful takeon an Italian classic. The thinly-pounded veal chop is breaded Milanese style atWashington’s favorite see-and-be-seen Georgetown eatery. Always perfectlycooked and served with lots of arugula. Our suggestion, ask for a large side ofbruschetta to make this already tasty dish even better.
3251 Prospect St, NW
(202) 333-6183

The Bombay Club  The Bombay Club
This posh Indian restaurant plays host to some of Washington’s biggest power players.Presidential hopeful John Kerry(D-MA) and Vice President DickCheney are known to be regulars. One of their signature dishes, the TandooriSalmon, is char-grilled to perfection in their clay oven (which also churns out their deliciousbreads) and served with their sublime mint sauce. Perhaps one thing the twoparties can agree on is their love of this elegant restaurant with its varied Indian cuisine.Also, be sure to stop by on Sunday for their champagne brunch.
815 Connecticut Avenue, NW
(202) 659-3727

Smith and Wollensky
Smith and Wollensky
Known for their divine cuts of beef and traditional, elegant steakhouse ambiance, thebiggest surprise of the night comes at the very end of the meal, whenthe dessert cart is wheeled out. Diners are faced with tough choices like DrunkenDonuts, or perhaps the Chocolate Layer Cake, but the Crème Brûlée Trio whichoffers mini-dishes of chocolate, coconut and vanilla, is the perfect dessert to enjoyalone or share with someone special. Prone to late night sweets cravings? Theirkitchen stays open until 1:30am.
1112 19th Street, NW
(202) 466-1100


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