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"Blinded by the Right" Book Party

Carol Rentz & James Carville

Lottie Shackelford, Charles Dunkin &
Federal Election Commission Chairman
Danny McDonald


Jay Parson, Ann Schroeder & Ann Stock

Sidney Blumenthal & Bill Press

Author David Brock & James Alefantis
The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative

April Fool's Day seems like an appropriate dateto have celebrated the paperback edition ofDavid Brock's book, "Blinded by the Right: TheConscience of an Ex-Conservative" since theone-time right-wing conservative did an abruptabout-face when he wrote a "tell-all" bookabout his former career as a right-wing hatchetman. A national bestseller, the book offersan insider's look at the motivations behind apartisan attack machine. Among the revelations,Brock claims to have helped Clarence Thomasthreaten a witness to back down from testifyingduring his Supreme Court nomination hearings.The author has been called a liar, among otherthings, by the right. Whether or not you thinkBrock is credible, the New York Times wrotethat the book is a "key document for historiansseeking to understand the ethos of theincoherent '90's" and USA Today said that it is a"fascinating look into the working world of thepolitics of personal destruction." Spotted amongthe throng at the Capitol Hill hotspot Lounge201 were co-hosts Senate Minority Leader TomDaschle and Senate Minority Whip Harry Reid,John Podesta, Paul Begala, and former ColoradoRep. Pat Schroeder. Blinded by the Right, butcrowded by the Left!


Wally Chalmers, Tom Jolly & Geoffrey Peterson

Laurie Kreloff, Lindsay Lassman & Lisa Ruben

Megan & Don Beyer

Mary-Ann Akers & Damon Shappie

Stephen Slater & Johnathon Askin

Senator Tom Daschle & Kandy Stroud

              Photos by Zaid Hamid


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