Embassy Directory 2016

Embassy Directory 2017

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There are 9 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
Ambassador: Mai Sayavongs Spouse: Mrs. Soumaly Sayavongs Embassy and Residence: 2222 S St. NW, 20008 Telephone: 202-332-6416

Ambassador: Andris Teikmanis Spouse: Inguna Teikmane Embassy: 2306 Massachusetts Ave. NW, 20008 Telephone: 202-328-2840 Residence: 4525 Foxhall Crescent NW, 20007

Charge D’Affaires: Carla Jazzar Embassy: 2560 28th St. NW, 20008 Telephone: 202-939-6324 Residence: 2841 McGill Terrace NW, 20008

Ambassador: Professor Eliachim Molapi Sebatane Spouse: Mrs. Lois Anne Sebatane Embassy: 2511 Massachusetts Ave. NW, 20008 Telephone: 202-797-5533 Residence: 7013 Loch Lomond Dr, Bethesda, MD, 20817

Ambassador: Jeremiah Congbeh Sulunteh Spouse: Mrs. Kabeh Gornor Pewu Sulunteh Embassy: 5201 16th St. NW, 20011 Telephone: 202-723-0437

Charge D’Affaires: Wafa M. T. Bughaighis Spouse: Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Omar Badi Embassy: 2600 Virginia Ave. NW, Suite 400, 20037 Telephone: 202-944-9601 Residence: 2201 Wyoming Ave. NW, 20008

Ambassador: Kurt Jaeger Embassy and Residence: 2900 K St. NW, Suite 602B, 20007 Telephone: 202-331-0590

Ambassador: Rolandas Krisciunas Spouse: Mrs. Zivile Krisciuniene Embassy: 2622 16th St. NW, 20009 Telephone: 202-234-5860 Residence: 1112 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA, 22101

Ambassador: Sylvie Lucas Embassy: 2200 Massachusetts Ave. NW, 20008 Telephone: 202-265-4171 Residence: 3933 Fordham Rd. NW, 20016