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Looking Back Over 14 Years


Johny Apple Jr., Ben Bradlee and Mark Shields at Arena Stage, 1996

JPrincess Diana and Elizabeth Dole at a Red Cross Benefit, 1997

bert Mosbacher, Jim Kimsey, Joe Robert and Catherine Reynolds at Best Friends, 2002
Senator Barbara Boxer with daughter Nicole at Café Milano, Wl feature, 2001

Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns at Fight Night, 1992
Japanese Ambassador Ryozo Kato and wife Hanayo at the Opera Ball, 2004

Joe and Victoria Mele with son Nick Mele and mother Oatsie Charles at their Newport residence, Wl feature, 2002

Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters at the J.W. Marriott, 2000
Michelle DuPont and Marlene Malek at Best Friends, 2000

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Joyce Rumsfeld, and Jack Valenti at the Uptown Theater, 2003
Ernest and Peter Marx at Saks  Jandel Holiday Brunch, 1993

Clara Brillembourg, George Chopivsky and Amy Holmes, Wl cover, 2003
Cristina Vidal McLaughlin and John McLaughlin at their wedding, 1998

Tony and Buff Miles with Bitsey Folger at Wl’s 13th Anniversary, 2004


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