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S ummertime, when many of us think of working less and playing more, is often the reverse for some diplomatic spouses who relish going on summer leave to pick up their careers again. Most know that British wife LADYMANNING writes mystery novels (“That’s what I do in the summertime and on holiday,” she says. “I’m much too busy during the regular part of the year. My time isn’t my own then.”): But do you know..

Argentina’s MÓNICA BORDÓN is an Eisenhower Fellow who’s been a professor and researcher, policy advisor and analyst here and at home in knowledge management: how the technology du jour affects the way people think and live.

Austria’s THOMAS NOWOTNY, the author of four books and a retired high-ranking diplomat himself, is a senior advisor of corporate development and international affairs for AWS, an Austrian development bank, and
a political science professor at the University of Vienna.
Barbados’ JACQUELINE KING majored in sociology and politics but is a professional artist.
Burkina Faso’s PRISCILLE ZONGO is the legal counselor for the embassy. In her country, this mother of three teenage boys was not only a lawyer but a domestic court judge for twenty years. Her embassy job here includes counseling married couples and performing wedding ceremonies at the chancery
Costa Rica’s DIANA DUEÑAS is a lawyer and still advises clients at home, especially her own family’s business.
Ecuador’s FABIOLA GALLEGOS founded a bottled water business years ago and keeps her eye on the company even when she’s not “in country” but admits, “I work much harder in the summer and when we return from a mission abroad. That’s when I can be there in person.”
Finland’s LAUREL COLLESS is returning to work now that their second daughter Julia is almost one and their first daughter, Olivia is four. This native Australian will be head of research for Virginia Tech’s “Technology for Sustainable Development” department in Alexandria.
Greece’s FRANÇOISE MALLIAS is a Swiss clinical psychologist who is interested in opening an intergenerational center for Greek women where daughters and granddaughters would learn traditional handiwork (crocheting, knitting, sewing) from a grandmother, even if she’s not their own.
Kuwait’s RIMA AL-SABAH was a foreign news correspondent during the Lebanese war, at one time sharing an office with The Washington Post’s Nora Boustany. No wonder she’s such a good friend of the media; she knows how to create a good story.
Oman’s FUAD AL-HINAI is an ambassador too; while his wife is Oman’s ambassador here, he’s Oman’s ambassador to the U. N. and non-resident ambassador to Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela
Poland’s HANNA REITER studied German philology but ultimately became an entrepreneur, starting her own real estate business in Warsaw which she monitors long distance and re-enters full force each summer.
Swedish wife KARI LOTSBERG and her husband, Amb. Gunnar Lund, will be moving to Paris soon “because it’s easier on the family with Kari’s career,” says the Ambassador. Kari is currently managing director of Svaneli AB, an EU consulting and financial affairs firm in Stockholm.



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