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Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you have planned – it’s a well-known fact. Case in point, “WL’s Wealth List,” the first part in a two-part series examining wealth in the Washington metro area. We start at the top with $10 billion and work our way “down” to $200 million, looking at financial assests as well as philantrophic contributions. Yet, after months of research and a team of talented writers, and idenitfying over 200 individuals, when I showed it to some of my single girlfriends, the first thing they said was “Thanks Nancy, this will totally help us identify eligible bachelors.” No! Ladies (and gentleman) this is not the purpose of the list. Even though our trusted wealth sources “Deep Pockets” and “Money Bags” did a Herculean job of number crunching and fact checking, we don’t advise basing any business or romantic “transactions” on the list. Although struggling non-profits might be able to find some elibigle donors. Just take a look and wonder – like I did – “Why am I not on it?” Of course, many of our readers are. (Aside to them: don’t fret too much about why you are not listed in a higher net worth range.) One of our millionaire entrants called to tell me, “Wherever Jim Kimsey is, just make sure I’m one dollar ahead.” Sorry, we’ll have to verify that with “Deep Pockets.” Others looking for a boost should turn to our “Financial Roundtable” for a few tips from financial experts Paul Vieth, Curtin Winsor and Michael Harreld.

Our June issue is awash with talented writers. Robert Hormats, Goldman Sachs vice chair and author of The Price of Liberty, shows how insight from America’s past leaders can be our fiscal compass for navigating the nation’s economic future – particularly with regard to the rising tide of debt. We also welcome Washington D.C. and New York-based playwright and novelist Jane Stanton Hitchcock. Her short story “A Washington Dinner Party” – part of her collection of Short Short Stories of Social Revenge – is wickedly satirical and close to home. Veteran scribe Roland Flamini turns his sardonic pen to Placido Domingo and the Washington National Opera’s ambitious Ring cycle, which is now half-way complete and is keeping the WNO on the international opera map.
Springtime in Virginia and Maryland means polo and the Virginia Gold Cup. It’s a wonderful reminder that we live in a major center of equestrian culture. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the America’s Cup of Polo at Morven Park, don’t worry, our coverage will get you caught up quicker than you can say “chukker.” We’re grateful to U.S. team captain Tareq Salahi and U.K. team captain Debbie Nash for their contributions. Our fashion pages have polo flair as well – we love those heavenly hats! Thank you to veteran fashion photographer and horse lover Samantha Swann and Great Meadow and the Great Meadow Polo Club for a fab fashion shoot. In her backpage column, Michael Strange seems to think Washingtonians are fools for fashion – after seeing this shoot, you might become a fool for polo. Don’t forget to catch the WLsponsored Courage Cup at Great Meadow in The Plains, Va. on June 16th, or twilight polo there every Saturday night from June 2 through September 8.

Michael Kors isn’t synonymous with polo – unless of course it’s a polo gala. This month Marymount alum Ginger Laytham catches up with the fashion icon at the university’s “Portfolio in Motion” fashion show and Charlie Rose producer Jackie Duberstein tells us why women love to wear Michael Kors. (She wore a black Kors dress at the Al-Sabahs’ recent birthday bash for musical composer Marvin Hamlisch.) We have all the exclusive A-List photos from the party inside, along with coverage of the Washington Ballet’s WL-sponsored “Noche Latina!” gala, the Best Friends Foundation’s “Rockin’ at the Ritz,” and the Phillips Collection’s 85th anniversary celebration. Pick up our next issue for coverage of the Mosaic Foundation’s 10th anniversary benefit and the June 1 Opera Ball; and save the date for the Freer & Sackler Galleries Gala on June 20. We are proud to be a media sponsor for all three of these prestigious events. In the meantime, keep an eye on your investments, so we’ll see you in the next “WL’s Wealth List.”


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