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May 12 • Morven Park Equestrian Center, Va.
THE EVENT: Four hundred years a er a brave band of 104 British colonists crossed the Atlantic to settle in Virginia, the U.K. took the inaugural six chukker polo contest 7-3 from the U.S. – despite a Herculean eff ort by organizer Tareq Salahi, who scored for the Yanks at Morven Park’s just-completed polo pitch. THE SCENE: Ladies donned exquisite hats, the men their best seersucker suits, and the champagne fl owed in the posh Cartier (U.S. team) and Ritz-Cartlon (U.K. team) sponsor tents managed by event planners CSICapitol Services. Queen Elizabeth II received an invite, but a er her share of equestrian thrills at the Kentucky Derby, the Helen Mirren look-a-like jetted back to greener fi elds at Buckingham Palace, missing the chance to watch ’80s icons Journey members Neil Schon and Jeff Soto play live. THE GUESTS:Afghan Amb. Salid T. Jawad and wife Shamim, Italian Amb. Giovanni Castellaneta and wife Lila, Jim Kimsey, Brian Maccdonnel and Scott Wilfong.



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