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Power changed hands in Washington on April 20th even though elections were nineteen months away. Appointed party brokers Sandra Sobieraj Westfell, Tammy Haddad, Judith Czelusniak, Christopher Hitchens and John and Cristina McLaughlin controlled “the lists” for pre and after parties for the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner weekend. If your name wasn’t on them, the art of pretending was a good skill to have.

The Pregame
The triple day party marathon kicked in at the People magazine bash on Friday night at Indebleu’s Tanatra Lounge hosted by managing editor Larry Hackett and Washington correspondent Sandra Sobieraj Westfall. The most overheard phrase of the night? “Hey, isn’t that … ?” That, of
course, included comedian Rich Little, warming up for his Saturday night dinner gig by engaging TV personality Rita Cosby, who was engaging Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, who was engaging former FBI director Louis Freeh, who was … You get the picture: it was an engaging party. Guests left with a significant goody bag, hoping the new charity tax laws won’t soon kick in.

The casting call resumed twelve hours later at the home of MSNBC’s Tammy Haddad for her annual brunch, co-hosted by husband Ted Greenberg, David Adler, Hilary Rosen, Beth Viola, Loretta Ucelli, Alex Castellanos and Kathryn Lehman. The reality show began at noon, starring Greta van Susteren, Miss America Lauren Nelson, Howie Kurtz, Chris Matthews, Arianna Huffington, and novelist Warren Adler of War of the Roses fame. Missing
in action? No one we could think of. Even mini “listers” accompanied their parents, including the two David’s, Corn and Gregory. Party downside: The hefty lawn bill that surely followed and those still looking for their cars.

The No-Doze crowd shuffled into the Hilton around 6 p.m., killing time between the National Journal (outside upstairs) and Newsweek (downstairs) pre-parties, the annual “look who’s here” events. Still starring Henry Kissinger but sharing the spotlight were Jane Fonda, David Geffen, Lally Weymouth, Rep. Henry Waxman, Paul Wolfowitz and presidential maybe Fred Thompson.

The Main Event
Dinner entertainment was billed as impressionist Rich Little, but the best



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