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April 28 • Rose Benté Lee Center, Marymount University
THE EVENT: Marymount University’s Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising program hit the runway for the 17th annual Portfolio in Motion fashion show – the penultimate academic project for graduates. Every aspect, including jury-selected student designs, talent casting and show production, refl ects the students’ academic and creative eff orts. If that wasn’t stressful enough, fashion icon Michael Kors and business leader Sheila Johnson were on hand to critique their work. The catwalk showcase was the crown jewel in a weekend-long fashion fest that included a Friday luncheon where Kors received the Designer of the Year Award. THE SCENE: 600 style-philes, co-eds, friends and family members scouted for the “next big thing.” THE GUESTS: LuAnn Bennett , Jeannemarie Devolites Davis, Jackie Duberstein, Michael Kors CEO John Idol and Communications Director Billy Daley.



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