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Washington takes on the role of Hollywood dealmaker and earns the moniker "Pollywood"

Sundance Trustee Pat Mitchell, Rep. John Conyers, Nancy Bagley, and Jackson Browne.Letter I've always been a film fan. Our CEO, Soroush Shehabi, and I have attended the Sundance Film Festival for the past ten years. But this time was different, and not just for me, but for everyone who was in Park City from Washington. You felt that this was the year that people from our city became part of the fabric of Sundance - not just observers. We might be best known for politics, think-tanks, and Embassy Row, but there is a new voice in town, and its name is "Pollywood." It's a catch phrase that WL coined before our first Pollywood dinner at Sundance three years ago. It encompasses not only local film and production but also the cause-related activities of celebrities as they roam and lobby the nation's Capital while mixing with our own political, diplomatic and media celebrities. It's not unusual to see the Fentys chatting with Bono while BlackBerrying an RSVP to dine with an ambassador - this marriage of power, politics, film and celebrity is Pollywood. We're proud to bring you our most extensive Pollywood issue and to highlight some of the amazing work that is being done in film and production in the area.

Our coverage begins at Sundance, where contributors Ted Leonsis, Susan Koch, Sheila Johnson, Danny Glover, and Rep. John Conyers, among others, give us their personal take on the festival. Meanwhile, Executive Editor Michael Clements, perhaps influenced by the documentary he saw on Hunter S. Thompson, goes Gonzo! Sundance. WL hosted four fabulous Sundance events, and we have all the exclusive photos inside. Grab a box of popcorn and enjoy!

Back in Washington, we had our own film festival of sorts, as we gathered some of the top "Pollywood Players" together for a look at entertainment movers and shakers inside the Beltway. Kudos to Clay Blackmore for getting everyone to focus - a Herculean task, as these like-minded film and production pros had plenty to gab about once they were in one room. Keeping the focus on film, Patricia A. Finneran examines why film festivals matter; Mark Ginsburg writes about his mother, petite Pollywood potentate Ina Ginsburg; we show you how to become a filmmaker using the city's many movie-going resources; and we take a stab at listing some of the best Washington movies ever.

Moving on from film, one can only imagine a photo shoot of the "head-turners" on this month's A List; we would have had to insure our photographer against whiplash! Tim Coburn photographs our breezy bright Spring fashion shoot this month, coordinated by the always stylish trio of Anais deViel Castel, James Cornwell, and Lana Orloff. What's Hot provides the latest on the chicest wedding whites; and in Home Life, Mary K. Mewborn discusses luxury developments from PN Hoffman, Forest City Washington, Phillips Park, and the Murillo/Malnati Group.

On the social front, the town is still buzzing about our February The Young & The Guest List soiree - take a look at the photos, and you'll see why.We're also excited to bring you exclusive coverage of the Mayors' Dinner, the Carrier for Care Dinner, the Boys and Girls' Club Icon Awards, the Mandarin Oriental's Chinese New Year celebration, and the St. Jude Gourmet Gala. WL sponsored many events recently, including the WNO Mid-Winter Gala, the Capitol Movement Project Fundraiser, and Audi's Rockville opening. We also bring you the launch of Fibula Jewelry, Saks Jandel's Fashion Brunch, and an Urban Chic sale. Coming up in April, make sure to save the dates for the following WL-sponsored events: the Children's National Medical Center "Children's Ball" Benefit and Passion Food GolfTournament; galas from the March of Dimes, Narsad, and the Phillips Collection; and theVital Voices awards, the Corcoran Ball, and the Washington Ballet gala.

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