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A Give and Take …

Nancy Reynolds Bagley

Ying and yang, positive and negative, the "good comes with the bad," Democrat and Republican … balance in life is found in opposites – and no two words seem to be as diametrically opposed as capitalism and philanthropy. Yet, as our cover story shows, the two can work together. Ask Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) co-founders and cover subjects Mario Morino, Raul Fernandez, and Mark Warner (who we might be seeing a lot more of during the 2008 presidential election), about how the two terms relate, and they'll tell you that what worked for venture capitalists during the Internet boom can be applied to building better nonprofits in the region (more on that inside).

Give to thy mother
Giving is a good idea on Mother's Day, and we have some wonderful ideas for you (did someone say Louis Vuitton?) .... A good book might be nice as well (hint: put it inside the new bag). Mother-author Leslie Morgan Steiner writes about her new book, "Mommy Wars" in this issue, as does fashion designer Dana Buchman. And while we are on the topic of female authors, you'll love the always provocative Eric Jong in Q&A Café.

Take a break
Looking to take some time for yourself? Look no further than our "Washington's Hottest Spa Treatments" special. Or, better yet, take a mile high break in your own private jet, like John Mason does in his Jet Set profile.

Going green
Thanks to filmmaker Laurie David, Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Nora Mccoby and Rachel Pearson, May is looking green. If you were thinking global warming "might be something to worry about in a few years," think again. So, don't forget to save the date for SILVERDOCS (June 13-18) and the WLsponsored screening of David's Al Gore global warming documentary, The Inconvenient Truth on the 14th. The former Veep will be there! And we will be hosting a party with him at Ceviche in Silver Spring.

Give way to golf fashion
Green is also the color of golf, and whether pro or duffer, good form is a must on the course. Turn to The 19th Hole fashion feature and What's Hot to see the latest gear for your next trek to the country club (we suggest Lansdowne Resort outside Leesburg, by the way). Tee off with a sparkling Mojo ball from Nike and some cutting-edge Calloway Fusion Irons!

Closer to home
Find a dream home in Open House and get advice from top local real estate agents Karen Briscoe, Jonathan Taylor and Melinda Estridge as they discuss how to swiftly sell a home in a crowded market. In Inside Homes we give you the first ever look at AOL Founder Jim Kimsey's beautifully renovated Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in McLean – proving it is "Wright" to preserve a masterpiece.

Events, Balls and Galas
Is it just me or does the spring social calendar seem busier than the Christmas holidays? Recently, WL has been the exclusive magazine sponsor for the March of Dimes Gourmet Gala, a number of Saks Fifth Avenue special events, the Philips Collection Launch of the Boating Party soiree at Mark Ein's Georgetown home, The Creative Coalition's party, the Corcoran Ball, the Vital Voices benefit, and by the time you read this, the Mosaic Gala (with H.M. Queen Rania Al- Abdullah of Jordan as guest of honor). Look for us in May at the WL sponsored Shakespeare Theatre Will Award Gala, the Charity Works 100 Point Vintage Wine Event, the Washington Nation Opera "Opera Ball," and finally the Washington Ballet's "Beatles' Ball" on June 1st.

And don't miss The Tiny Jewel Box's antique and pearl show on June 16th and 17th, featuring one of a kind antiques collected from Europe and the United States, here for two days only and rare pearl pieces in a rainbow of colors collected from Australia and Tahati. This once a year event promises to amaze with natures miracles and history's treasures. With so much going on, it's not easy to find the balance between give and take – but, not to worry, that's why we're here!

Nancy Reynolds Bagley

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