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May 21st • Residence of Chris Downey

THE EVENT: Close friends gathered for a Sunday evening celebration of Rep. John and Debbie Dingell's 25th wedding anniversary.

THE SCENE: The Dingells shared their long-enduring marital bliss with long-time friends over a casual buff et dinner before Rep. Ed Markey toasted them by reading his very own poem entiltled "Love and Marriage."Toward the end of the night, Rep. Dingell, having just recovered from hip replacement surgery, used his crutches to escape to the kitchen with the rest of the men to watch the Pistons game.

THE GUESTS: Abby and Rep. Roy Blunt, Catherine and Sen. Ted Stevens, Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell, The late Phil Merrill and wife Ellie, Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt, and Susan Brophy.

The late Phil Merrill, Rep. John Dingell and Mac McLarty


Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter and Lynn Pace
Debbie and Rep. John Dingell

Abigail and Rep. Roy Blunt
Aliki and Bill Bryant

Rima Al-Sabah, Ginger Pape, Ginny Grenham and Beth Dozoretz
Susan Brophy, Gerry McGowan, Amy and Steve Ricchetti

Mark Shields, Ellie Merrill and Mike Berman


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