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WHCD 2017 in a Nutshell

Another White House Correspondent’s weekend in the books, and in true President Trump fashion he didn’t even let celebrated journalists get a breather Monday (see CBS interview). By not participating in the tradition of...

Social Diary: Power and Society

Connectors in Washington discuss the state of the city’s social scene and the importance of breaking bread together to get things done. In his best-selling book the “The Tipping Point,” Malcolm Gladwell labels individuals...

The 2012 Social List

The 16th annual record of notably social individuals from politics, diplomacy, business, philanthropy and the arts.

Paint the Town: Capital Portrait Treasures

The National Portraits Gallery’s exhibition of treasures from Washington private collections features very personal works loaned by more than 50 of the city’s most prominent residents. Washington Life visited with a few of them before the show’s April 8th opening.

The 2011 A-List

Read the 2011 A-List and meet the Washingtonians who made heads turn in the capital this year. Plus, our social pundits discuss who’s new and who’s off.

The 2011 Social List

Our December issue features the 15th annual “2011 Social List”, highlighting individuals with notable impact in the D.C. area.

WL Lists: 100 Most Invited 2010

The September issue of Washington Life magazine features the return of its celebrated “100 Most Invited” list of capital luminaries whose presence can make or break any event.